Cross the project data creating 2 files, both with one abstract per line and each containint positive or negative ones.

This is doen to mimick rotten tomatoes data, as a test if the results port when the "reviews" are as long as project abstract.

Create both a set with onle highly positive/negative and anotehr with all positive/negative, to see how it influences.

In [26]:
#read only proejct IDs and IEG overall rating
import csv
with open('./ieg-ratings.csv', mode='r') as infile:
    reader = csv.reader(infile)
    next(reader, None)  # skip the headers
    ratings = {rows[0]:rows[22] for rows in reader}
print len(ratings), "projects in total."

9758 projects in total:

In [38]:
import numpy as np
print np.unique(ratings.values())
for rating in np.unique(ratings.values()):
    print rating, np.unique(ratings.values().count(rating))

['Highly Satisfactory' 'Highly Unsatisfactory' 'Moderately Satisfactory'
 'Moderately Unsatisfactory' 'Not Applicable' 'Not Available' 'Not Rated'
 'Satisfactory' 'Unsatisfactory']
Highly Satisfactory [268]
Highly Unsatisfactory [143]
Moderately Satisfactory [1972]
Moderately Unsatisfactory [794]
Not Applicable [9]
Not Available [9]
Not Rated [137]
Satisfactory [4707]
Unsatisfactory [1719]

There are ~2.6 more positive ones than negative ones, both when leaving out or not the modearte ones (6947/2666. all vs 4975./1872. non moderates).

In [59]:
#Get abstracts
import json
from pprint import pprint

with open('./appraisal-abstracts.json') as data_file:    
    abstracts = json.load(data_file)

In [79]:

outfile_map={'Highly Satisfactory':pf,
              'Highly Unsatisfactory':nf,
              'Moderately Satisfactory':pf,
              'Moderately Unsatisfactory':nf,
              'Not Applicable':of,
              'Not Available':of,
              'Not Rated':of,

with open(pf, 'w') as p, open(nf, 'w') as n, open(of, 'w') as o:
    pwriter = csv.writer(p, delimiter=',')
    nwriter = csv.writer(n, delimiter=',')
    owriter = csv.writer(o, delimiter=',')
    for p_id in abstracts.keys():
        text=' '.join(abstracts[p_id].split()).replace(',',' ')
        if (outfile_map[ratings[p_id]] == pf): pwriter.writerow([text]) 
        if (outfile_map[ratings[p_id]] == nf): nwriter.writerow([text])
        if (outfile_map[ratings[p_id]] == of): owriter.writerow([text])

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