Interactive WebGL trajectory widget

Note: this feature requires a 'running' notebook, connected to a live kernel. It will not work with a staticly rendered display. For an introduction to the IPython interactive widget system and its capabilities, see this talk by Brian Granger

Let's start by just loading up a PDB file from the RCSB

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from __future__ import print_function
import mdtraj as md

traj = md.load_pdb('')

To enable these features, we first need to run enable_notebook to initialize the required javascript.

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from mdtraj.html import TrajectoryView, enable_notebook

The WebGL viewer engine is called iview, and is introduced in the following paper: Li, Hongjian, et al. "iview: an interactive WebGL visualizer for protein-ligand complex." BMC Bioinformatics 15.1 (2014): 56.

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# Controls:
#  - default mouse to rotate.
#  - ctrl to translate
#  - shift to zoom (or use wheel)
#  - shift+ctrl to change the fog
#  - double click to toggle full screen

widget = TrajectoryView(traj, secondaryStructure='ribbon')

We can even animate through the trajectory simply by updating the widget's frame attribute

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import time
for i in range(traj.n_frames):
    widget.frame = i

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