Pandas is a Python Data Analysis Library. It allows you to play around with data and perform powerful data analysis.

In this example I will show you how to read data from CSV and Excel files in Pandas. You can then save the read output as in a Pandas dataframe. The sample data used in the below exercise was generated by

In [14]:
import pandas as pd

In [15]:
csv_data_df = pd.read_csv('data/MOCK_DATA.csv')

Preview the first 5 lines of the data with .head() to ensure that it loaded.

In [16]:

id first_name last_name email gender ip_address
0 1 Ross Ricart Male
1 2 Jenn Pizer Female
2 3 Delainey Sulley Male
3 4 Nessie Feirn Female
4 5 Noami Flanner Female

You will need to pip install xlrd if you haven't already. In order to import data from Excel.

In [17]:
import xlrd
excel_data_df = pd.read_excel('data/MOCK_DATA.xlsx')

In [18]:

id first_name last_name email gender ip_address
0 1 Chloris Antliff Female
1 2 Brion Gierok Male
2 3 Fleur Skells Female
3 4 Dora Privost Female
4 5 Annabella Hucker Female

Image Courtesy of jballeis (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons