Remember: Pair-Programming → take care of your neighbor

Exercise 1 — Temperature Converter

  • Write a generic temperature converter function (Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius → Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius)
  • Check it against the one by google

Exercise 2 — A Deception Experiment

  • Look for a text online that would be funny to deceive (max 1000 words) [we use here the beginning of Alice in Wonderland as an example: ]
  • Copy it in a text file
  • Create a dictionary of all words with their occurrences [think about what to do with casing, commas, dots, columns, etc.]
  • Create a deception dictionary with at least 50 words [a deception dictionary maps a word to another word, e.g. {'house': 'boat'}]
  • Write one or several functions in order to accomplish the following tasks:
    • read two text files, one with an arbitrary text to be deceived and one with a deception map, where every line contains two words ["original word" "mapped word"]
    • create and save to a third text file a deceived version of the input text

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