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The Big Bang Theory TVD Plugin


The following command will install The Big Bang Theory TVD plugin (and TVD if it is missing)

pip install TVDTheBigBangTheory

Download all resources

The following command will download all resources for The Big Bang Theory into /tmp/ directory.

python -m tvd.create metadata /tmp/ TheBigBangTheory

Available resources

Initialize TheBigBangTheory TVD plugin

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from tvd import TheBigBangTheory
theBigBangTheory = TheBigBangTheory('/tmp')

    title = {{``Knock! Knock! Who is it?'' Probabilistic Person Identification in TV Series}},
    author = {Makarand Tapaswi and Martin B\"{a}uml and Rainer Stiefelhagen},
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    title = {{The Big Bang Theory Wiki}},
    howpublished = \url{}

    title = {{big bang theory transcripts}},
    howpublished = \url{}

    title = {{big bang theory transcripts}},
    howpublished = \url{}

    title = {{The Big Bang Theory Wiki}},
    howpublished = \url{}

Get first episode

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episode = theBigBangTheory.episodes[0]

Episode(series='TheBigBangTheory', season=1, episode=1)



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outline = theBigBangTheory.get_resource('outline', episode)

() 0.0 0.0 16.0 16.0 0.0->16.0 location Hallway outside High-IQ Spe... 20.0 20.0 0.0->20.0 event Sheldon tells his "good ide... 1164.0 1164.0 1246.0 1246.0 1164.0->1246.0 location Living room 1164.0->1246.0 event A shocked and contrite Penn... 911.0 911.0 989.0 989.0 911.0->989.0 location Car 911.0->989.0 event Sheldon and Leonard are tra... 150.0 150.0 16.0->150.0 location High-IQ Sperm Bank 20.0->150.0 event Sheldon and Leonard conside... 152.0 152.0 150.0->152.0 jingle 183.0 183.0 152.0->183.0 location Stairs 152.0->183.0 event Sheldon and Leonard head ba... 287.0 287.0 347.0 347.0 287.0->347.0 location Hallway 287.0->347.0 event Leonard invites Penny over,... 1320.0 1320.0 1076.0 1076.0 1106.0 1106.0 1076.0->1106.0 location Kurt's apartment building h... 1076.0->1106.0 event Kurt intimidates Leonard an... 252.0 252.0 183.0->252.0 location Hallway outside apartments 183.0->252.0 event They discover they have a n... 1292.0 1292.0 1292.0->1320.0 credits 1124.0 1124.0 1106.0->1124.0 location Kurt's apartment building l... 1106.0->1124.0 event Leonard and Sheldon walk ba... 370.0 370.0 347.0->370.0 credits Titles and opening theme 1012.0 1012.0 989.0->1012.0 location Living room 989.0->1012.0 event Penny hangs out with Raj an... 1246.0->1292.0 location Car 1246.0->1292.0 event They all head off to dinner... 1126.0 1126.0 1124.0->1126.0 jingle 1126.0->1164.0 location Stairway 1126.0->1164.0 event Leonard admits defeat, says... 876.0 876.0 876.0->911.0 location Bathroom 876.0->911.0 event Leonard fixes the shower fo... 370.0->876.0 location Living room 788.0 788.0 370.0->788.0 event They get to know each other... 1012.0->1076.0 location Kurt's apartment building l... 1012.0->1076.0 event Leonard and Sheldon try to ... 788.0->876.0 event Howard and Raj turn up, and... 252.0->287.0 location Living room 252.0->287.0 event Leonard decides to invite P...



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transcript = theBigBangTheory.get_resource('transcript', episode)

() WC WC WD WD WC->WD speaker LEONARD speech Thank you Sheldon, you're a... WB WB WB->WC WA WA WA->WB speaker SHELDON speech Don't think like that, you'... WO WO WP WP WO->WP speaker PENNY speech Uh, sounds interesting. WN WN WN->WO VM VM VN VN VM->VN speaker SHELDON speech You're going to have to cal... WM WM WM->WN speaker HOWARD speech Yeah, I've had him since le... GW GW GX GX GW->GX speaker PENNY speech Wow. GV GV GV->GW GU GU GU->GV speaker SHELDON speech Actually that's my work. GT GT GT->GU GS GS GS->GT speaker PENNY speech This looks like some seriou... GR GR GR->GS GQ GQ GQ->GR speaker LEONARD speech You're very welcome. GP GP GP->GQ WK WK WL WL WK->WL speaker PENNY speech Wow, cool tiger. GZ GZ HA HA GZ->HA GY GY GY->GZ speaker SHELDON speech Yeah, well, it's just some ... GX->GY GG GG GH GH GG->GH speaker PENNY speech So, what do you guys do for... P P Q Q P->Q GE GE GF GF GE->GF speaker LEONARD speech Great. GD GD GD->GE GC GC GC->GD speaker PENNY speech Oh, that's so nice, I'd lov... GB GB GB->GC GA GA GA->GB speaker LEONARD speech Uh, yes. GO GO GO->GP speaker PENNY speech Okay, thankyou. GN GN GN->GO GM GM GM->GN speaker LEONARD speech Okay, well, make yourself a... GL GL QK QK GL->QK GK GK GK->GM GK->GL scene Sheldon and Leonard's apart... GJ GJ BL BL GJ->BL GI GI GI->GJ speaker SHELDON speech Well, today we tried mastur... GH->GI WW WW WX WX WW->WX speaker LEONARD speech We're home. WV WV WV->WW WU WU WU->WV speaker RAJ speech Smooth. WT WT WT->WU VO VO VP VP VO->VP scene On the stairs of Sheldon an... VQ VQ VO->VQ WS WS WS->WT speaker PENNY speech Oh, I don't think I'll be a... WR WR WR->WS WQ WQ WQ->WR speaker HOWARD speech So you'll think about it? WP->WQ G G H H G->H speaker SHELDON speech There's no point, I just th... WZ WZ XA XA WZ->XA WY WY WY->WZ speaker PENNY speech Oh, my God, what happened? WX->WY K K L L K->L speaker RECEPTIONIST speech Hang on. ME ME MF MF ME->MF speaker LEONARD speech Our shower works. MD MD MD->ME MG MG MH MH MG->MH speaker PENNY speech Really? Would it be totally... MF->MG MA MA MB MB MA->MB speaker LEONARD speech No, it's not crazy it's, uh... MC MC MC->MD speaker PENNY speech Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm such ... MB->MC MM MM MN MN MM->MN speaker SHELDON speech No? ML ML ML->MM MO MO MP MP MO->MP speaker LEONARD speech No. MN->MO MI MI MJ MJ MI->MJ speaker SHELDON speech Yes. MH->MI MK MK MK->ML speaker LEONARD speech No. MJ->MK MU MU MV MV MU->MV speaker PENNY speech Thanks. You guys are really... MT MT MT->MU MW MW MX MX MW->MX speaker SHELDON speech Well this is an interesting... MV->MW MQ MQ MR MR MQ->MR speaker SHELDON speech No. MP->MQ MS MS MS->MT speaker LEONARD speech It's right down the hall. MR->MS MY MY MZ MZ MY->MZ speaker LEONARD speech How so? MX->MY NA NA MZ->NA FP FP FQ FQ FP->FQ FR FR FQ->FR speaker LEONARD speech Hi. FS FS FR->FS FT FT FS->FT speaker PENNY speech Hi. FU FU FT->FU FV FV FU->FV speaker LEONARD speech Anyway, um. We brought home... FW FW FV->FW FX FX FW->FX speaker SHELDON speech Leonard, I'm not expert her... FY FY FX->FY FZ FZ FY->FZ speaker PENNY speech Oh, you're inviting me over... FZ->GA FA FA FB FB FA->FB speaker SHELDON speech That's the beauty of it. FC FC FB->FC FD FD FC->FD speaker LEONARD speech I'm going to invite her ove... FE FE FD->FE FF FF FE->FF speaker SHELDON speech Chat? We don't chat. At lea... FG FG FF->FG FH FH FG->FH speaker LEONARD speech Well it's not difficult, yo... FI FI FH->FI FJ FJ FI->FJ speaker SHELDON speech To what end? FK FK FJ->FK FL FL FK->FL speaker LEONARD speech Hi. Again. FM FM FL->FM FN FN FM->FN speaker PENNY speech Hi. FO FO FN->FO FO->FP speaker SHELDON speech Hi. WI WI WJ WJ WI->WJ speaker HOWARD speech This is one of my favorite ... F F F->G V V W W V->W SZ SZ TA TA SZ->TA SY SY SY->SZ speaker HOWARD speech Oh, he speaks English, he j... SX SX SX->SY SS SS SU SU SS->SU ST ST SS->ST scene Back at the apartment. SR SR RJ RJ SR->RJ SQ SQ SQ->SR speaker SHELDON speech Leonard, the two of us can'... SP SP SP->SQ SW SW SW->SX speaker PENNY speech Uh, I'm sorry, do you speak... SV SV SV->SW SU->SV speaker PENNY speech So, you guys work with Leon... TE TE ST->TE SK SK SL SL SK->SL speaker LEONARD speech To mend her broken heart. T... SJ SJ SJ->SK SI SI SI->SJ speaker SHELDON speech You did not break up with J... SH SH SH->SI SO SO SO->SP speaker LEONARD speech No, Sheldon, there's not go... SN SN SN->SO SM SM SM->SN speaker SHELDON speech So we get to have a scene w... SL->SM SC SC SD SD SC->SD speaker LEONARD speech Come on, you know how it is... SB SB SB->SC SA SA SA->SB speaker SHELDON speech Oh, right, yes, I could hav... SG SG SG->SH speaker LEONARD speech Wuh, I, I broke up with Joy... SF SF SF->SG SE SE SE->SF speaker SHELDON speech No, I don't. And neither do... SD->SE YI YI YJ YJ YI->YJ speaker PENNY speech Any ideas Raj? YH YH YH->YI YK YK YL YL YK->YL speaker HOWARD speech Turn left on Lake Street an... YJ->YK YM YM YN YN YM->YN speaker PENNY speech That sounds like fun. YL->YM YO YO YP YP YO->YP speaker HOWARD speech Baby, baby don't get hooked... YN->YO YA YA YB YB YA->YB speaker PENNY speech So? YC YC YD YD YC->YD speaker SHELDON speech They're both curry based cu... YB->YC YE YE YF YF YE->YF speaker PENNY speech So? YD->YE YG YG YG->YH speaker SHELDON speech They would be gastronomical... YF->YG YQ YQ YR YR YQ->YR speaker SHELDON speech I don't know what your odds... YP->YQ XT XT YR->XT LF LF LG LG LF->LG LH LH LG->LH speaker SHELDON speech What's happening. LD LD LE LE LD->LE LE->LF speaker PENNY speech It was. Until I fell in lov... LB LB LC LC LB->LC LC->LD speaker LEONARD speech Well it sounds wonderful. LA LA LA->LB speaker PENNY speech I know, right? Okay, let's ... LN LN LO LO LN->LO LP LP LO->LP speaker LEONARD speech Don't. LL LL LM LM LL->LM LM->LN speaker SHELDON speech It took you four years to g... LJ LJ LK LK LJ->LK LK->LL speaker PENNY speech Oh God, you know, four year... LI LI LH->LI LI->LJ speaker LEONARD speech I don't know. LV LV LW LW LV->LW LX LX LW->LX speaker PENNY speech You want to know the most p... LT LT LU LU LT->LU LU->LV speaker SHELDON speech You? No, you'll only make i... LR LR LS LS LR->LS LS->LT speaker LEONARD speech Should I say something? I f... LQ LQ LP->LQ LQ->LR speaker PENNY speech I just, I can't believe I t... LZ LZ LZ->MA LY LY LX->LY LY->LZ speaker SHELDON speech Yes. A A B B A->B scene A corridor at a sperm bank. C C A->C R R Q->R speaker LEONARD speech Yes. Um, is this the High I... I I J J I->J speaker LEONARD speech Excuse me? GF->GG RT RT RU RU RT->RU RV RV RU->RV speaker LEONARD speech Which is? RW RW RV->RW RX RX RW->RX speaker SHELDON speech You think with your penis. RP RP RQ RQ RP->RQ RR RR RQ->RR speaker LEONARD speech She asked me to do her a fa... RS RS RR->RS RS->RT speaker SHELDON speech Ah, yes, well that may be t... RY RY RX->RY RZ RZ RY->RZ speaker LEONARD speech That's a biological impossi... RZ->SA RD RD RE RE RD->RE RF RF RE->RF speaker PENNY speech It's just not the kind of t... RG RG RF->RG RH RH RG->RH speaker LEONARD speech Wow. RA RA RB RB RA->RB speaker PENNY speech It's okay if you say no. RC RC RB->RC RC->RD speaker LEONARD speech Oh, I'll probably say yes. RL RL RM RM RL->RM RN RN RM->RN speaker LEONARD speech Must we? RO RO RN->RO RO->RP speaker SHELDON speech Event A. A beautiful woman ... QL QL RH->QL RI RI RI->RJ scene Leonard and Sheldon, Inside... RK RK RI->RK RJ->SS RK->RL speaker SHELDON speech I really think we should ex... M M L->M VA VA VB VB VA->VB speaker SHELDON speech Tell him about our IQ. VC VC VD VD VC->VD scene Outside the apartment build... VE VE VC->VE IQ IQ IR IR IQ->IR speaker SHELDON speech Well- VI VI VJ VJ VI->VJ speaker SHELDON speech My mom bought me those pants. VK VK VJ->VK EM EM EN EN EM->EN speaker LEONARD speech We already watched the Seas... EL EL EL->EM EO EO EP EP EO->EP speaker SHELDON speech Not with commentary. EN->EO EI EI EJ EJ EI->EJ speaker LEONARD speech Should we have invited her ... EH EH EH->EI EK EK EK->EL speaker SHELDON speech No. We're going to start Se... EJ->EK EE EE EF EF EE->EF speaker SHELDON speech Bye. ED ED ED->EE EG EG EG->EH speaker LEONARD speech Bye. EF->EG EA EA EB EB EA->EB speaker LEONARD speech Great. Well, bye. EC EC EC->ED speaker PENNY speech Bye. EB->EC EY EY EZ EZ EY->EZ speaker LEONARD speech Yes, and you've never met o... EX EX EX->EY X X W->X speaker RECEPTIONIST speech Fill these out. EZ->FA EU EU EV EV EU->EV speaker LEONARD speech Well, then that was wrong o... ET ET ET->EU EW EW EW->EX speaker SHELDON speech I have a very wide circle. ... EV->EW EQ EQ ER ER EQ->ER speaker LEONARD speech I think we should be good n... EP->EQ ES ES ES->ET speaker SHELDON speech We never invited Louis-slas... ER->ES WG WG VP->WG VR VR VQ->VR speaker LEONARD speech Sheldon, I'm so sorry I dra... VS VS VR->VS VT VT VS->VT speaker SHELDON speech It's okay. It wasn't my fir... VU VU VT->VU VV VV VU->VV speaker LEONARD speech And you were right about my... VW VW VV->VW VX VX VW->VX speaker SHELDON speech Well you got me out of my p... Y Y Z Z Y->Z speaker LEONARD speech Thank-you. We'll be right b... VZ VZ VZ->WA XJ XJ XK XK XJ->XK XL XL XK->XL speaker LEONARD speech Really? Great. XH XH XI XI XH->XI BK BK B->BK XN XN XO XO XN->XO XP XP XO->XP speaker LEONARD speech Our babies will be smart an... XM XM XL->XM XM->XN speaker SHELDON speech Thank you. You're not done ... XB XB XC XC XB->XC XD XD XC->XD speaker PENNY speech I'm so sorry, I really thou... XA->XB speaker LEONARD speech Well, your ex-boyfriend sen... XF XF XG XG XF->XG XG->XH speaker SHELDON speech That was a valid hypothesis... XE XE XD->XE XE->XF speaker LEONARD speech No, it was a valid hypothesis. XZ XZ XZ->YA XX XX XY XY XX->XY S S R->S XR XR WH WH XR->WH XS XS XS->XT scene All five in Leonard's car. XU XU XS->XU XQ XQ XP->XQ XQ->XR speaker SHELDON speech Not to mention imaginary. XV XV XW XW XV->XW XW->XX speaker PENNY speech Sure. XU->XV speaker LEONARD speech Is Thai food okay with you ... KC KC KD KD KC->KD speaker LEONARD speech I think what Sheldon's tryi... KB KB KB->KC KA KA KA->KB speaker PENNY speech Participate in the what? KG KG KH KH KG->KH speaker SHELDON speech That's interesting. Leonard... KF KF KF->KG KE KE KE->KF speaker PENNY speech Oh, yeah, a lot of people t... KD->KE KK KK KL KL KK->KL speaker PENNY speech Oh, yeah, I'm a waitress at... KJ KJ KJ->KK KI KI KI->KJ speaker LEONARD speech Wu-uh, do you have some sor... KH->KI KO KO KP KP KO->KP speaker SHELDON speech You're lactose intolerant. KN KN KN->KO KM KM KM->KN speaker LEONARD speech Oh, okay. I love cheesecake. KL->KM KS KS KT KT KS->KT speaker PENNY speech Oh, anyways, I'm also writi... KR KR KR->KS KQ KQ KQ->KR speaker LEONARD speech I don't eat it, I just thin... KP->KQ KW KW KX KX KW->KX speaker PENNY speech No, I'm from Omaha. KV KV KV->KW KU KU KU->KV speaker LEONARD speech So it's based on your life? KT->KU KZ KZ KZ->LA KY KY KY->KZ speaker LEONARD speech Well, if that was a movie I... KX->KY DN DN DO DO DN->DO DP DP DO->DP speaker PENNY speech Hi. DL DL DM DM DL->DM DM->DN speaker SHELDON speech Hi. DJ DJ DK DK DJ->DK DK->DL speaker LEONARD speech Hi. DH DH DI DI DH->DI DI->DJ speaker PENNY speech Hi. DF DF DG DG DF->DG DG->DH speaker LEONARD speech Leonard, Sheldon. DD DD DE DE DD->DE DE->DF speaker PENNY speech Oh, okay, well, guess I'm y... DB DB DC DC DB->DC DC->DD speaker LEONARD speech Oh... uh... no... we don't ... DA DA DA->DB speaker PENNY speech Oh, that's nice. XI->XJ speaker PENNY speech Really, thank you so much f... DZ DZ DZ->EA DX DX DY DY DX->DY DY->DZ speaker SHELDON speech Great. DV DV DW DW DV->DW DW->DX speaker PENNY speech Great. DT DT DU DU DT->DU DU->DV speaker LEONARD speech Oh, great. DR DR DS DS DR->DS DS->DT speaker PENNY speech Thank you, maybe we can hav... DQ DQ DP->DQ DQ->DR speaker LEONARD speech Hi. Well, uh, oh, welcome t... WL->WM N N M->N speaker LEONARD speech One across is Aegean, eight... U U U->V speaker SHELDON speech I think this is the place. QQ QQ QR QR QQ->QR speaker LEONARD speech You're welcome, oh, you're ... QP QP QP->QQ QS QS QT QT QS->QT speaker PENNY speech Hey, Leonard? QR->QS QU QU QV QV QU->QV speaker LEONARD speech The hair products are Sheld... QT->QU QW QW QX QX QW->QX speaker PENNY speech Um, okay. Can I ask you a f... QV->QW QY QY QZ QZ QY->QZ speaker LEONARD speech A favour? Sure, you can ask... QX->QY QZ->RA WJ->WK QA QA QB QB QA->QB speaker HOWARD speech Bon douche. QC QC QD QD QC->QD speaker PENNY speech I'm sorry? XY->XZ speaker SHELDON speech We can't have Thai food, we... QE QE QF QF QE->QF speaker HOWARD speech It's French for good shower... QD->QE QG QG QH QH QG->QH speaker LEONARD speech Save it for your blog, Howard. QF->QG QI QI QJ QJ QI->QJ speaker HOWARD speech See-ka-tong-guay-jow. QH->QI QM QM QK->QM QK->QL scene In the bathroom. QJ->GL QN QN QM->QN speaker LEONARD speech Uh, there it goes, it stick... QL->RI QO QO QO->QP speaker PENNY speech Okay. Thanks. QN->QO WG->WI WG->WH scene Inside Sheldon and Leonard'... WF WF WF->VP WE WE WE->WF speaker SHELDON speech And you're certainly not go... WD->WE JX JX JY JY JX->JY JZ JZ JY->JZ speaker SHELDON speech Yes, it tells us that you p... JZ->KA JT JT JU JU JT->JU JV JV JU->JV speaker LEONARD speech Yeah, it's like regular bog... JW JW JV->JW JW->JX speaker PENNY speech Um, me, okay, I'm Sagittari... JP JP JQ JQ JP->JQ JR JR JQ->JR speaker LEONARD speech I said I'm sorry. JS JS JR->JS JS->JT speaker PENNY speech So, Klingon boggle? JL JL JM JM JL->JM JN JN JM->JN speaker LEONARD speech I'm sorry. JO JO JN->JO JO->JP speaker SHELDON speech That is an antisocial impli... JH JH JI JI JH->JI JJ JJ JI->JJ speaker LEONARD speech Yes, I remember. JK JK JJ->JK JK->JL speaker SHELDON speech I resent you saying we don'... JD JD JE JE JD->JE JF JF JE->JF speaker LEONARD speech Yes, I know, but... JG JG JF->JG JG->JH speaker SHELDON speech Tuesday night we played Kli... JA JA JB JB JA->JB speaker LEONARD speech Well, this is nice. We don'... JC JC JB->JC JC->JD speaker SHELDON speech That's not true. Koothrapal... WH->XS H->I X->Y PR PR PS PS PR->PS PT PT PS->PT speaker PENNY speech Hey, is there a trick to ge... PP PP PQ PQ PP->PQ PQ->PR speaker SHELDON speech Technically that would be c... PV PV PW PW PV->PW PX PX PW->PX speaker PENNY speech Penny. I work at the Cheese... PU PU PT->PU PU->PV speaker HOWARD speech Enchante, Madamoiselle. How... PZ PZ PZ->QA PY PY PX->PY PY->PZ speaker LEONARD speech Come on, I'll show you the ... PB PB PC PC PB->PC PD PD PC->PD speaker LEONARD speech No. And she's not a lady, s... PA PA PA->PB speaker HOWARD speech Yeah, right, your grandmoth... PF PF PG PG PF->PG PH PH PG->PH speaker LEONARD speech Uh-huh. PE PE PD->PE PE->PF speaker HOWARD speech Hang on, there really is a ... PJ PJ PK PK PJ->PK PL PL PK->PL speaker LEONARD speech I'm not anticipating coitus. PI PI PH->PI PI->PJ speaker HOWARD speech And you want us out because... PN PN PO PO PN->PO PO->PP speaker LEONARD speech Can we please stop saying c... PM PM PL->PM PM->PN speaker HOWARD speech So she's available for coitus? D D C->D speaker SHELDON speech So if a photon is directed ... T T S->T speaker RECEPTIONIST speech If you have to ask, maybe y... CK CK CL CL CK->CL speaker SHELDON speech Two hundred pound transvest... CJ CJ CJ->CK CI CI CI->CJ speaker LEONARD speech Significant improvement ove... CH CH CH->CI CO CO CP CP CO->CP speaker LEONARD speech Hi. CN CN CN->CO CM CM CM->CN speaker PENNY speech Oh, hi! CL->CM CC CC CD CD CC->CD speaker SHELDON speech No, that was the result of ... CB CB CB->CC CA CA CA->CB speaker LEONARD speech Is that why they sent you t... CG CG CG->CH speaker SHELDON speech Evidently. CF CF CF->CG CE CE CE->CF speaker LEONARD speech New neighbor? O O N->O CZ CZ CZ->DA CY CY CY->CZ speaker LEONARD speech We don't mean to interrupt,... CX CX CX->CY CS CS CT CT CS->CT speaker LEONARD speech Hi. CR CR CR->CS CQ CQ CQ->CR speaker SHELDON speech Hi. CP->CQ CW CW CW->CX speaker PENNY speech Hi? CV CV CV->CW CU CU CU->CV speaker SHELDON speech Hi. CT->CU IY IY IZ IZ IY->IZ speaker SHELDON speech Aaah! IX IX IX->IY UL UL VB->UL IZ->JA VD->VO VF VF VE->VF speaker SHELDON speech Leonard. VG VG VF->VG VH VH VG->VH speaker LEONARD speech What? VH->VI IP IP IP->IQ IS IS IT IT IS->IT speaker LEONARD speech Just sit somewhere else. IR->IS VL VL VL->VM IU IU IT->IU IW IW IW->IX speaker LEONARD speech Sheldon, sit! IV IV IV->IW II II IJ IJ II->IJ speaker SHELDON speech "What's the difference"? IH IH IH->II IK IK IL IL IK->IL speaker LEONARD speech Here we go. IJ->IK IM IM IN IN IM->IN speaker SHELDON speech In the winter that seat is ... IL->IM IO IO IO->IP speaker PENNY speech Do you want me to move? IN->IO VY VY VX->VY VY->VZ speaker LEONARD speech Anyway, I've learned my les... IC IC ID ID IC->ID speaker PENNY speech So, sit next to me. IB IB IB->IC IE IE IF IF IE->IF speaker SHELDON speech ... No, I sit there. ID->IE IG IG IG->IH speaker PENNY speech What's the difference? IF->IG BD BD BE BE BD->BE BF BF BE->BF speaker RECEPTIONIST speech Bye. BG BG BF->BG BH BH BG->BH speaker SHELDON speech Bye-bye BA BA BB BB BA->BB speaker SHELDON speech Let's try just walking out. BC BC BB->BC BC->BD speaker LEONARD speech Okay. BL->GK BM BM BN BN BM->BN speaker SHELDON speech Are you still mad about the... BO BO BN->BO BP BP BO->BP speaker LEONARD speech No. BI BI BH->BI BJ BJ BI->BJ speaker LEONARD speech See you. BJ->B BK->BL scene The stairs of the apartment... BK->BM BT BT BU BU BT->BU BV BV BU->BV speaker SHELDON speech If the height of a single s... BW BW BV->BW BX BX BW->BX speaker LEONARD speech I don't care. Two millimetr... BQ BQ BP->BQ BR BR BQ->BR speaker SHELDON speech You want to hear an interes... BS BS BR->BS BS->BT speaker LEONARD speech Not really. BY BY BX->BY BZ BZ BY->BZ speaker SHELDON speech No, it's true, I did a seri... BZ->CA TM TM TN TN TM->TN speaker SHELDON speech Hello. E E D->E T->U OO OO OP OP OO->OP speaker LEONARD speech This is not a good time. ON ON ON->OO OM OM OM->ON speaker HOWARD speech It's a Stephen Hawking lect... OL OL OL->OM OK OK OK->OL speaker LEONARD speech See what? OJ OJ OJ->OK OI OI OI->OJ speaker RAJ speech It's fantastic. Unbelievable. OH OH OH->OI OG OG OG->OH speaker HOWARD speech Wait till you see this. OF OF OF->OG OE OE OE->OF speaker LEONARD speech It's Darth Vader shampoo. L... OD OD OD->OE OC OC OC->OD speaker SHELDON speech Do you think this possibili... OB OB OB->OC OA OA OA->OB speaker LEONARD speech That's not to say that if a... OZ OZ OZ->PA OY OY OY->OZ speaker SHELDON speech Leonard has a lady over. OX OX OX->OY OW OW OW->OX speaker LEONARD speech It's just not a good time. OV OV OV->OW OU OU OU->OV speaker RAJ speech Why? OT OT OT->OU OS OS OS->OT speaker LEONARD speech That's great, you guys have... OR OR OR->OS OQ OQ OQ->OR speaker HOWARD speech It's before he became a cre... OP->OQ HZ HZ IA IA HZ->IA HX HX HY HY HX->HY HY->HZ speaker PENNY speech Uh, do you guys mind if I s... HR HR HS HS HR->HS HT HT HS->HT speaker SHELDON speech I didn't invent them, they'... HP HP HQ HQ HP->HQ HQ->HR speaker LEONARD speech At least I didn't have to i... HV HV HW HW HV->HW HW->HX speaker SHELDON speech In all of them, that is the... HU HU HT->HU HU->HV speaker LEONARD speech In what universe? HJ HJ HK HK HJ->HK HL HL HK->HL speaker SHELDON speech If by holy smokes you mean ... HH HH HI HI HH->HI HI->HJ speaker PENNY speech Holy smokes. HN HN HO HO HN->HO HO->HP speaker SHELDON speech Oh, come on. Who hasn't see... HM HM HL->HM HM->HN speaker LEONARD speech What? HB HB HC HC HB->HC HD HD HC->HD speaker SHELDON speech Yeah. HA->HB speaker PENNY speech So you're like, one of thos... HF HF HG HG HF->HG HG->HH speaker LEONARD speech I have a board. If you like... HE HE HD->HE HE->HF speaker PENNY speech This is really impressive. AE AE AF AF AE->AF speaker LEONARD speech What, are you kidding? You'... IA->IB speaker SHELDON speech Um, Penny... that's where I... IU->IV speaker SHELDON speech Fine. O->P speaker RECEPTIONIST speech Can I help you? UY UY UZ UZ UY->UZ speaker LEONARD speech Oh. We're scientists. UX UX UX->UY UZ->VA UU UU UV UV UU->UV speaker SHELDON speech From the intercom. UT UT UT->UU UW UW UW->UX speaker KURT speech How the hell did you get in... UV->UW UQ UQ UR UR UQ->UR speaker KURT speech Yeah? UP UP UP->UQ US US US->UT speaker LEONARD speech I'm Leonard, this is Sheldon. UR->US UM UM UN UN UM->UN speaker LEONARD speech This is it. I'll do the tal... UL->VC UO UO UO->UP speaker SHELDON speech Good thinking, I'll just be... UN->UO UI UI UJ UJ UI->UJ speaker LEONARD speech Just grab the door. UH UH UH->UI UK UK UK->UM UK->UL scene Outside Penny's ex-boyfrien... TF TF UJ->TF UE UE UF UF UE->UF speaker LEONARD speech Come on, we have a combined... UD UD UD->UE UG UG UG->UH speaker SHELDON speech What do you think their com... UF->UG UA UA UB UB UA->UB speaker SHELDON speech My apologies. What's your p... UC UC UC->UD speaker SHELDON speech It's just a privilege to wa... UB->UC AZ AZ AZ->BA NH NH NI NI NH->NI NJ NJ NI->NJ speaker SHELDON speech So, what exactly are you tr... NK NK NJ->NK NL NL NK->NL speaker LEONARD speech Excuse me? NM NM NL->NM NN NN NM->NN speaker SHELDON speech That woman in there's not g... NO NO NN->NO NP NP NO->NP speaker LEONARD speech Well I'm not trying to have... NB NB NA->NB speaker SHELDON speech It has been some time since... NC NC NB->NC ND ND NC->ND speaker LEONARD speech That's not true, remember a... NE NE ND->NE NF NF NE->NF speaker SHELDON speech Point taken. It has been so... NG NG NF->NG NG->NH speaker LEONARD speech The worst part was watching... NX NX NY NY NX->NY NZ NZ NY->NZ speaker SHELDON speech Oh, of course. NZ->OA NQ NQ NP->NQ NR NR NQ->NR speaker SHELDON speech Oh, good. Then you won't be... NS NS NR->NS NT NT NS->NT speaker LEONARD speech What makes you think she wo... NU NU NT->NU NV NV NU->NV speaker SHELDON speech Yes, but not of the same sp... NW NW NV->NW NW->NX speaker LEONARD speech I'm not going to engage in ... VN->VD J->K AA AA Z->AA TZ TZ TZ->UA TX TX TY TY TX->TY TY->TZ speaker LEONARD speech Excuse me, if I were to giv... TV TV TW TW TV->TW TW->TX speaker SHELDON speech Leonard, the TV is in the b... TT TT TU TU TT->TU TU->TV speaker LEONARD speech We're not going to give up ... TR TR TS TS TR->TS TS->TT speaker SHELDON speech Okay, thanks for your time. TP TP TQ TQ TP->TQ TQ->TR speaker VOICE speech Get lost. TO TO TN->TO TO->TP speaker LEONARD speech What did I just.... Uh, we'... TL TL TL->TM QB->QC TJ TJ TK TK TJ->TK TK->TL speaker LEONARD speech Hi, I'm Leonard, this is Sh... TH TH TI TI TH->TI TI->TJ speaker VOICE_FROM_BUZZER speech Yeah. TF->UK TG TG TG->TH speaker LEONARD speech I'll do the talking. TD TD TD->ST TE->TF scene Outside Penny's old apartme... TE->TG TB TB TC TC TB->TC TC->TD speaker HOWARD speech He's kind of a nerd. Juice ... TA->TB speaker PENNY speech Really, why? AB AB AA->AB speaker RECEPTIONIST speech Oh, take your time. I'll ju... AC AC AD AD AC->AD speaker SHELDON speech Leonard, I don't think I ca... AB->AC E->F speaker LEONARD speech Agreed, what's your point? AD->AE AG AG AH AH AG->AH speaker SHELDON speech No. We are committing genet... AF->AG AI AI AJ AJ AI->AJ speaker LEONARD speech Sheldon, this was your idea... AH->AI AK AK AL AL AK->AL speaker SHELDON speech I know, and I do yearn for ... AJ->AK AM AM AN AN AM->AN speaker LEONARD speech I'm sure she'll still love ... AL->AM AO AO AP AP AO->AP speaker SHELDON speech I wouldn't. AN->AO AQ AQ AR AR AQ->AR speaker LEONARD speech Well, what do you want to do? AP->AQ AS AS AT AT AS->AT speaker SHELDON speech I want to leave. AR->AS AU AU AV AV AU->AV speaker LEONARD speech Okay. AT->AU AW AW AX AX AW->AX speaker SHELDON speech What's the protocol for lea... AV->AW AY AY AY->AZ speaker LEONARD speech I don't know, I've never re... AX->AY CD->CE VK->VL speaker LEONARD speech I'm sorry.

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() 11.25 11.25 11.35 11.35 11.25->11.35 confidence 0.99 speech will 10.5 10.5 10.65 10.65 10.5->10.65 confidence 0.99 speech hits 5.75 5.75 5.9 5.9 5.75->5.9 confidence 0.99 speech through 16.32 16.32 16.4 16.4 16.32->16.4 9.11 9.11 9.45 9.45 9.11->9.45 confidence 0.99 speech after 29.78 29.78 29.94 29.94 29.78->29.94 confidence 0.99 speech is 7.72 7.72 7.91 7.91 7.72->7.91 2.89 2.89 2.95 2.95 2.89->2.95 confidence 0.99 speech a 1.67 1.67 1.74 1.74 1.67->1.74 confidence 0.1 speech a 6.91 6.91 7.38 7.38 6.91->7.38 confidence 0.99 speech unobserved 3.93 3.93 4.02 4.02 3.93->4.02 confidence 0.99 speech in $ $ 1.41 1.41 $->1.41 4.11 4.11 4.02->4.11 confidence 0.99 speech it 10.44 10.44 10.44->10.5 confidence 0.99 speech it 2.77 2.77 2.77->2.89 confidence 0.99 speech through 15.44 15.44 15.61 15.61 15.44->15.61 confidence 0.1 speech I D D 6.46 6.46 D->6.46 H H 8.28 8.28 H->8.28 6.81 6.81 6.89 6.89 6.81->6.89 confidence 0.99 speech it's L L 12.55 12.55 L->12.55 4.47 4.47 4.68 4.68 4.47->4.68 confidence 0.99 speech slit T T 16.97 16.97 T->16.97 Y Y 29.94->Y confidence 0.99 speech Aegean X X 24.73 24.73 X->24.73 2.25 2.25 2.37 2.37 2.25->2.37 confidence 0.99 speech is 9.56 9.56 9.74 9.74 9.56->9.74 confidence 0.99 speech left 11.65 11.65 11.8 11.8 11.65->11.8 confidence 0.99 speech gone 12.89 12.89 12.55->12.89 29.35 29.35 29.35->29.78 confidence 0.99 speech across 10.78 10.78 10.65->10.78 confidence 0.99 speech its 6.08 6.08 6.13 6.13 6.08->6.13 29.16 29.16 29.16->29.35 confidence 0.99 speech One 9.9 9.9 10.11 10.11 9.9->10.11 confidence 0.99 speech plane 13.24 13.24 14.03 14.03 13.24->14.03 30.52 30.52 15.27 15.27 Q Q 15.27->Q confidence 0.1 speech point 14.62 14.62 15.04 15.04 14.62->15.04 4.21 4.21 4.21->4.47 confidence 0.99 speech either 7.47 7.47 E E 7.47->E confidence 0.99 speech will 6.89->6.91 3.3 3.3 2.95->3.3 confidence 0.99 speech plane 14.37 14.37 O O 14.37->O confidence 0.99 speech point 1.63 1.63 1.41->1.63 confidence 0.99 speech So 9.83 9.83 9.74->9.83 confidence 0.99 speech the 5.22 5.22 5.34 5.34 5.22->5.34 confidence 0.1 speech it C C C->D confidence 0.95 speech . G G G->H confidence 0.1 speech , 11.52 11.52 11.35->11.52 confidence 0.99 speech not K K K->L confidence 0.95 speech . 11.1 11.1 11.18 11.18 11.1->11.18 5.9->6.08 confidence 0.99 speech both P P O->P confidence 0.95 speech ? 4.77 4.77 4.68->4.77 confidence 0.99 speech is S S S->T confidence 0.95 speech . 23.59 23.59 23.71 23.71 23.59->23.71 confidence 0.2 speech Excuse W W W->X confidence 0.95 speech . 14.21 14.21 14.31 14.31 14.21->14.31 confidence 0.99 speech your 6.13->C confidence 0.99 speech slits 11.9 11.9 11.8->11.9 confidence 0.99 speech through 5.64 5.64 5.64->5.75 confidence 0.99 speech go 15.84 15.84 15.61->15.84 confidence 0.32 speech just 8.42 8.42 8.56 8.56 8.42->8.56 confidence 0.99 speech if 10.22 10.22 10.11->10.22 confidence 0.1 speech but A A 4.77->A confidence 0.99 speech observed 15.95 15.95 15.84->15.95 confidence 0.4 speech think 23.91 23.91 24.31 24.31 23.91->24.31 5.45 5.45 5.34->5.45 confidence 0.99 speech will I I 10.78->I confidence 0.99 speech target 16.97->23.59 24.73->29.16 15.15 15.15 15.04->15.15 confidence 0.44 speech There's 16.05 16.05 15.95->16.05 confidence 0.99 speech it's 24.55 24.55 24.31->24.55 confidence 0.99 speech Hang U U 23.71->U confidence 0.1 speech me 24.55->W confidence 0.99 speech on 16.08 16.08 16.18 16.18 16.08->16.18 confidence 0.99 speech good B B B->5.22 P->14.62 8.7 8.7 8.56->8.7 confidence 0.99 speech it's J J J->11.1 N N N->13.24 14.31->14.37 R R R->15.44 3.43 3.43 3.46 3.46 3.43->3.46 V V V->23.91 Z Z Z->30.52 10.39 10.39 10.22->10.39 confidence 0.99 speech before 16.48 16.48 16.53 16.53 16.48->16.53 confidence 0.99 speech a 12.09 12.09 12.09->K confidence 0.99 speech slits 2.74 2.74 2.37->2.74 confidence 0.99 speech directed 6.69 6.69 6.69->6.81 confidence 0.99 speech If 6.46->6.69 4.11->4.21 confidence 0.99 speech and 11.9->12.09 confidence 0.99 speech both 3.6 3.6 3.6->3.93 confidence 0.99 speech slits 16.18->16.32 confidence 0.99 speech idea 1.63->1.67 confidence 0.1 speech if 14.03->14.21 confidence 0.99 speech what's 9.45->9.56 confidence 0.99 speech it's 3.3->3.43 confidence 0.99 speech with 5.45->5.64 confidence 0.99 speech not F F F->7.72 11.61 11.61 11.61->11.65 10.39->10.44 2.74->2.77 8.7->9.11 confidence 0.99 speech observed 7.91->G confidence 0.99 speech however 1.83 1.83 1.74->1.83 A->B confidence 0.1 speech , 15.15->15.27 confidence 0.99 speech no 11.52->11.61 confidence 0.99 speech have E->F confidence 0.1 speech , 1.83->2.25 confidence 0.99 speech photon I->J confidence 0.1 speech , M M M->N confidence 0.1 speech , Q->R confidence 0.1 speech , 16.53->S confidence 0.99 speech tee-shirt 8.28->8.42 U->V confidence 0.95 speech ? 11.18->11.25 confidence 0.99 speech it Y->Z confidence 0.1 speech , 16.4->16.48 confidence 0.99 speech for 16.05->16.08 confidence 0.99 speech a 12.89->M confidence 0.99 speech Agreed 3.46->3.6 confidence 0.1 speech two 9.83->9.9 7.38->7.47 confidence 0.99 speech it


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