Q022 - È presente una forma di assicurazione?

In [1]:
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

# Render our plots inline
%matplotlib inline 

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import seaborn
import shutil

pd.set_option('display.mpl_style', 'default') # Make the graphs a bit prettier, overridden by seaborn
pd.set_option('display.max_columns', None) # Display all the columns
plt.rcParams['font.family'] = 'sans-serif' # Sans Serif fonts for all the graphs

# Reference for color palettes: http://web.stanford.edu/~mwaskom/software/seaborn/tutorial/color_palettes.html

# Change the font
matplotlib.rcParams.update({'font.family': 'Source Sans Pro'})

In [2]:
# Load csv file first
data = pd.read_csv("data/lab-survey.csv", encoding="utf-8")

In [3]:
# Check data
#data[0:4] # Equals to data.head()

In [4]:
%%capture output

# Save the output as a variable that can be saved to a file
# Get the distribution of way of living
grado = data["D22"].value_counts(dropna=False)
print "Data:"
print grado
print ""
print "Data %:"
print data["D22"].value_counts(normalize=True,dropna=False) * 100

In [5]:
# Save+show the output to a text file
%save Q022-PresenzaAssicurazione.py str(output)
shutil.move("Q022-PresenzaAssicurazione.py", "text/Q022-PresenzaAssicurazione.txt")

The following commands were written to file `Q022-PresenzaAssicurazione.py`:
Sì     45
No     25
NaN     0
dtype: int64

Data %:
Sì     64.285714
No     35.714286
NaN     0.000000
dtype: float64

In [6]:
# Swap nan for a more understandable word
old_dict = grado.to_dict()
new_dict = {}
for i in old_dict:
    if type(i) is float and np.isnan(i):
        new_dict["Nessuna risposta"] = old_dict[i]
        new_dict[i.capitalize()] = old_dict[i]

gradou = pd.Series(new_dict)
grado = gradou.order()

In [7]:
# Plot the data
plt.xlabel(u'Presenza di assicurazione', fontsize=16)
plt.ylabel('Lab', fontsize=16)
plt.title(u"È presente una forma di assicurazione?", fontsize=18, y=1.02)
my_colors = seaborn.color_palette("husl", len(grado)) # Set color palette