Theory and Practice of Visualization Exercise 1


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from IPython.display import Image

Graphical excellence and integrity

Find a data-focused visualization on one of the following websites that is a positive example of the principles that Tufte describes in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Upload the image for the visualization to this directory and display the image inline in this notebook.

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# Add your filename and uncomment the following line:


Describe in detail the ways in which the visualization exhibits graphical integrity and excellence:

This is an okay example of Tufte's principles. It clearly shows the data trend. Upon first glance the viewer can see the how different "home prices" relate to one another in terms of "equivalent rent". The data contains a large domain, making it a large data set, but the data does not seem overwhelming or disconnected. This is an interactive graph, so for what ever "home price" the viewer selects, the only color on the graph is the "equivalent rent". This is efficient and precise and shows the data at mmore levels. All of the data is conveyed with consistent axes that do not skew or distort the data. One detail that could be improved is the labeling of the x-axis. In this graph, the axis label is also used as a graph title. It would be more effective to have the axis labeled near the axis to efficiently convey data.

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