Theory and Practice of Visualization Exercise 1


In [2]:
from IPython.display import Image

Graphical excellence and integrity

Find a data-focused visualization on one of the following websites that is a positive example of the principles that Tufte describes in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Upload the image for the visualization to this directory and display the image inline in this notebook.

I receive a zero for the section where I was supposed to upload an image, but the image I described below, where my description got a perfect score, shows up when I run this code.

In [3]:
# Add your filename and uncomment the following line:
Image(filename='good data viz.png')


Describe in detail the ways in which the visualization exhibits graphical integrity and excellence:


This graph is very simple, which is why it is an effective display of data. The title is very clear, which gives the viewer an understanding of what data is going to be represented. The data is very nicely seperated into each category by a good use of space between each set of data. The bar graph in combination with the actual numbers give a good idea of where each data point lies relative to the others, but also where it stands in an absolute sense. The data is labeled with units so the reader knows what is being measured, but the graph remains tidy of unnecesary repetition that would take up space and not add new information.