SoundCloud API

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# standard library:
import os  

from pprint import pprint

# other modules:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
import soundcloud as sc
import yaml

from pymongo import MongoClient
%matplotlib inline

SoundCloud Credentials

For APIs that don't require user authentication, providing a client ID is sufficient

To get a client ID, visit to register an app

Once you've obtained a client id, create a yml file in the same directory as this notebook and add the client id

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credentials = yaml.load(open('api_cred.yml'))
print credentials['CLIENT_ID']

In [ ]:
sc_client = sc.Client(client_id=credentials['CLIENT_ID'])

SoundCloud tracks

In [ ]:
tracks = sc_client.get('/tracks', limit=10)
for track in tracks:
    print track.title

Data Visualisations

Tracks with a Creative Commons Attribution ("cc-by") license sorted by track type.

Possible values for track type include:

“original”, “remix”, “live”, “recording”, “spoken”, “podcast”, “demo”, “in progress”, “stem”, “loop”, “sound effect”, “sample”, “other”

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tracks = sc_client.get('/tracks', license='cc-by', limit=200)

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#Unwrap resources
tracks_list = list()
for track in tracks:
    tracks_list.append({'track_type': track.track_type})

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tracks_df = pd.DataFrame(tracks_list)

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