Hazard Maps

This IPython notebook allows users to plot hazard maps generated from probabilistic seismic hazard analysis.

Export options: The figure generated can be saved to an image file by providing a filename to the output_file parameter below. The output resolution and image format can be set using the parameters output_dpi and output_fmt respectively. The formats png, pdf, ps, eps and svg are currently supported.

Note: The bounding box defining the extents of the map is estimated directly from the list of sites in the results file.

In [ ]:
%matplotlib inline
from plot_hazard_outputs import HazardMap

hazard_map_file = "../sample_outputs/hazard/hazard_map-poe_0.02.xml"

hazard_map = HazardMap(hazard_map_file)
marker_size = 15
log_scale = False
output_file = None
output_dpi = 300
output_fmt = "png"

hazard_map.plot(log_scale, marker_size, output_file, output_dpi, output_fmt)