Armadillo 64bit log

As per 9/2/2015 i have managed to get armadillo running in 64 bit on my home computer. It was some minor changes that had to be made in the C++/fermicc, most notably:

  • Need to define before including armadillo: "#define ARMA_64BIT_WORD"

  • Need to change armadillo_bits/config.hpp: Enable (de-comment) the 64 bit alternative.

Office computer setup

I am currently trying to run the same code on my office computer, but get som referencing errors:

" Error in `/home/audunsh/Documents/build-FermiCC-Desktop-Debug/FermiCC': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00007f71db87cbc8 The program has unexpectedly finished."

Solution: I found that the #define statement needs to be made in all headers and .cpp files. The bug above was caused by the electron gas class not defining 64 bit wordlength.

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