Jupyter Notebook Tips and Tricks

By: Jonathan Whitmore -- Silicon Valley Data Science

All notebooks available: https://github.com/jbwhit/jupyter-tips-and-tricks

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Tips and tricks
  3. Visualization and code organization
  4. Some basics
    1. More basics
    2. interactive splines
    3. Pandas Plotting
    4. SQL Example
    5. R stuff
    6. Extras


  • Workflow matters
    • Take time to learn your tools -- the investment will pay dividends.
    • Make repeated actions as automatic as possible
  • Adhere to best practices as best you can (unless you have a really good reason not to).
    1. You will have to collaborate on teams -- code quality matters.
    2. PEP8 things
  • Learn your tools
    • there are csv parsers, don't roll your own
  • Contribute back -- stackoverflow

Final comment

  • Don't try to take notes, just let this wash over you.
    • Not knowing what's possible is a cognitive blindspot.
  • These Notebooks will be available to you.

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