Welcome to PYNQ

Project webpage

You can find full details of this project on the PYNQ project webpage


Please see the latest PYNQ Documentation on readthedocs.

You can also find a local copy of the PYNQ Documentation on this board.

Please note that the local copy of documents may not be up-to-date with the maintained readthedocs documentation.


The PYNQ Repository is hosted on github: PYNQ GitHub Repository

Getting started

You can find some example Jupyter notebooks preloaded onto this SDCard image.

The getting_started notebooks cover Jupyter Notebooks, the basics of the PYNQ project, and the PYNQ-Z1 board.

The examples notebooks include examples for Pmod, Grove, and Arduino peripherals, and guides for setting up Wifi, using webcams, and using the HDMI on the board.


For questions or support, go to the forum on the PYNQ project webpage

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