Double Metaphone

The Double Metaphone search algorithm as described in [0], using the Python metaphone library

  1. Philips, Lawrence. "The double metaphone search algorithm." C/C++ users journal 18.6 (2000): 38-43.

In [1]:
from metaphone import doublemetaphone 

badwords = open('names.csv', 'r').read().split(',')
dmp_badwords = [(doublemetaphone(word), word) for word in badwords]

In [1]:
def soundslike(text):
    phonetic = doublemetaphone(text)
    if phonetic[1] == '':
        phonetic = [phonetic[0]]
    print phonetic
    for p in phonetic:
        for word in dmp_badwords:
            if p in word[0]:
                print text, "sounds kinda like", word[1]
                print word[0]

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