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Deriving the equations of motion of a wind turbine using SymPy

Why do I even bother?

  • Can be an interesting framework for a master course or assignments for master projects

  • How does SymPy compares to Maple for this particular case

  • Project idea: automatically generating the equations of motions for a wind turbine

    • Additional tools in SymPy/Theano can optimize large mathematical expressions and convert to C

    • GPU support, can it go faster?

The original assignment

  • Starting point: course assignment done during master at TU Delft:

    • derive equation of motions with Maple

    • export solution to Matlab and solve numerically

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Image(filename='images/ex2 - fig1.png')


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Image(filename='images/ex2 - fig2.png')


Same old with other tools

  • Open source vs black box

  • Develop in one environment (Python) instead of two (Matlab+Maple)

  • Parse Maple commands to Python/SymPy commands using pyparsing:

    • Define the parsing grammer

    • Can be usefull in other cases: parsing HAWC2, FAST, Bladed, ... input files

  • Increase robustness: Fall-back to other libraries for mathematical processing in Python: maxima, GiNaC, ...