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%matplotlib inline
from __future__ import print_function
import mdtraj as md

Find two files that are distributed with MDTraj for testing purposes -- we can us them to make our plot

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import mdtraj.testing
crystal_fn = mdtraj.testing.get_fn('native.pdb')
trajectory_fn = mdtraj.testing.get_fn('frame0.xtc')

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crystal = md.load(crystal_fn)
trajectory = md.load(trajectory_fn, top=crystal)  # load the xtc. the crystal structure defines the topology

RMSD with exchangeable hydrogen atoms is generally not a good idea so let's take a look at just the heavy atoms

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rmsds_to_crystal = md.rmsd(trajectory, crystal, 0)
heavy_atoms = [atom.index for atom in crystal.topology.atoms if atom.element.symbol != 'H']
heavy_rmds_to_crystal = md.rmsd(trajectory, crystal, 0, atom_indices=heavy_atoms)

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from matplotlib.pylab import *

plot(trajectory.time, rmsds_to_crystal, 'r', label='all atom')
plot(trajectory.time, heavy_rmds_to_crystal, 'b', label='heavy atom')
title('RMSDs to crystal')
xlabel('simulation time (ps)')
ylabel('RMSD (nm)')

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