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Today's topic is term frequency inverse document frequency, which is a statistic for estimating the importance of words and phrases in a set of documents.


As an example, I've been tracking ...

In [164]:
%matplotlib inline
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import os
import random
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import twython
import time
import ConfigParser
from collections import defaultdict

In [165]:
propertiesFile = ""
cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()

APP_KEY            = cp.get('Params', 'app_key')
APP_SECRET         = cp.get('Params', 'app_secret')
OAUTH_TOKEN        = cp.get('Params', 'oauth_token')
OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = cp.get('Params', 'oauth_token_secret')


In [166]:
files = os.listdir('.')
followers = {}
for file in files:
    i = file.find('_followers.txt')
    if i > 0:
        f = open(file, 'r')
        followers[file[0:i]] = set('\n'))

In [167]:
keys = followers.keys()
unfollowers = []
allfollowers = set()
for i in range(len(keys)-1):
    today = followers[keys[i]]
    allfollowers = allfollowers.union(today)
    tomorrow = followers[keys[i+1]]
    unfollow = today.difference(tomorrow)

In [5]:
fol = random.sample(allfollowers, len(unfollowers))
nfol = unfollowers

In [6]:
follower_tweets = {}
unfollower_tweets = {}

In [21]:
errors = defaultdict(int)
for u in fol:
    except KeyError:
            tweets = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name=u)
            all = []
            for tweet in tweets:
            follower_tweets[u] = all
        except twython.TwythonError as e:
            if e.msg.find('Twitter API returned a 404 (Not Found)') == 0:
                ignoreDeletedAccount = True
                errors[e.msg] += 1
print errors

defaultdict(<type 'int'>, {'Twitter API returned a 401 (Unauthorized), An error occurred processing your request.': 9})

In [23]:
errors = defaultdict(int)
for u in nfol:
    except KeyError:
            tweets = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name=u)
            all = []
            for tweet in tweets:
            unfollower_tweets[u] = all
        except twython.TwythonError as e:
            if e.msg.find('Twitter API returned a 404 (Not Found)') == 0:
                ignoreDeletedAccount = True
                errors[e.msg] += 1
print errors

defaultdict(<type 'int'>, {'Twitter API returned a 401 (Unauthorized), An error occurred processing your request.': 30})

In [26]:
import pickle
pickle.dump({'unfollower_tweets': unfollower_tweets, 'follower_tweets': follower_tweets}, open('tfidfbackup.pkl', 'wb'))

In [168]:
import pickle
x = pickle.load(open('tfidfbackup.pkl', 'rb'))
unfollower_tweets = x['unfollower_tweets']
follower_tweets = x['follower_tweets']

In [ ]:

In [177]:

In [180]:
from gensim import corpora, models, similarities
from collections import defaultdict

In [183]:
list_of_lists = unfollower_tweets.values()
documents = [val for sublist in list_of_lists for val in sublist]

texts = [[word for word in document.lower().split()]
          for document in documents]
frequency = defaultdict(int)
for text in texts:
    for token in text:
        frequency[token] += 1
        texts = [[token for token in text if frequency[token] > 1] for text in texts]

from pprint import pprint

KeyboardInterrupt                         Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-183-2b1ed78513bb> in <module>()
      9     for token in text:
     10         frequency[token] += 1
---> 11         texts = [[token for token in text if frequency[token] > 1] for text in texts]
     13 from pprint import pprint


In [169]:
import nltk
import string
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import TfidfVectorizer
from nltk.stem.porter import PorterStemmer

def stem_tokens(tokens, stemmer):
    stemmed = []
    for item in tokens:
    return stemmed

def tokenize(text):
    tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(text)
    stems = stem_tokens(tokens, stemmer)
    return stems

docs = unfollower_tweets.values()

tokens = set()
for tdocs in docs:
    for doc in tdocs:
        doc = doc.lower()
        dtokens = tokenize(doc)
        tokens = tokens.union(dtokens)

LookupError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-169-bf229277150e> in <module>()
     22     for doc in tdocs:
     23         doc = doc.lower()
---> 24         dtokens = tokenize(doc)
     25         tokens = tokens.union(dtokens)

<ipython-input-169-bf229277150e> in tokenize(text)
     12 def tokenize(text):
---> 13     tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(text)
     14     stems = stem_tokens(tokens, stemmer)
     15     return stems

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nltk/tokenize/__init__.pyc in word_tokenize(text, language)
     99     :param language: the model name in the Punkt corpus
    100     """
--> 101     return [token for sent in sent_tokenize(text, language)
    102             for token in _treebank_word_tokenize(sent)]

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nltk/tokenize/__init__.pyc in sent_tokenize(text, language)
     83     :param language: the model name in the Punkt corpus
     84     """
---> 85     tokenizer = load('tokenizers/punkt/{0}.pickle'.format(language))
     86     return tokenizer.tokenize(text)

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nltk/data.pyc in load(resource_url, format, cache, verbose, logic_parser, fstruct_reader, encoding)
    780     # Load the resource.
--> 781     opened_resource = _open(resource_url)
    783     if format == 'raw':

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nltk/data.pyc in _open(resource_url)
    894     if protocol is None or protocol.lower() == 'nltk':
--> 895         return find(path_, path + ['']).open()
    896     elif protocol.lower() == 'file':
    897         # urllib might not use mode='rb', so handle this one ourselves:

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nltk/data.pyc in find(resource_name, paths)
    622     sep = '*'*70
    623     resource_not_found = '\n%s\n%s\n%s' % (sep, msg, sep)
--> 624     raise LookupError(resource_not_found)
    626 def retrieve(resource_url, filename=None, verbose=True):

  Resource u'tokenizers/punkt/english.pickle' not found.  Please
  use the NLTK Downloader to obtain the resource:  >>>
  Searched in:
    - '/home/deploy/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/lib/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/lib/nltk_data'
    - u''

In [6]:
import gensim

In [ ]:
dictionary = gensim.corpora.Dictionary.load(os.path.join(MODELS_DIR, 
corpus = gensim.corpora.MmCorpus(os.path.join(MODELS_DIR, ""))

tfidf = gensim.models.TfidfModel(corpus, normalize=True)
corpus_tfidf = tfidf[corpus]

# project to 2 dimensions for visualization
lsi = gensim.models.LsiModel(corpus_tfidf, id2word=dictionary, num_topics=2)

# write out coordinates to file
fcoords = open(os.path.join(MODELS_DIR, "coords.csv"), 'wb')
for vector in lsi[corpus]:
    if len(vector) != 2:
    fcoords.write("%6.4f\t%6.4f\n" % (vector[0][1], vector[1][1]))

In [40]:

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 u'#bigdata helps manage crises effectively. just one more example of its power.',
 u'if you are still uncertain about the security of the cloud, these tips might put your mind at ease.',
 u'#netsuite ceo @zachnelson explains how one short elevator conversation brought huge changes to the company.',
 u'if you want your #bigdata projects to succeed, you need to have your ceo on board.',
 u'where is is the cloud headed in 2016? 7 cloud trends to watch in 2016',
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 u'with analytics becoming more widespread, you need the talent to get the most out of it.',
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 u"it's not what is under the christmas is who is around it that counts!",
 u'"if you take a sincere interest in others, they\'ll take a real interest in you." #quote',
 u'40 things you wish you knew before you started your blog -',
 u'love how this came together craig. relay is amazing!',
 u'know the legal risks of blab for brand marketing via @markwschaefer',
 u'social media can be a huge benefit or a reputation killer. don\u2019t leave public perception to chance. #influencerchat',
 u'smart ways to manage time on social media -',
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 u"social media isn't a set it and forget it activity. if you want to succeed, you must track, measure and adjust - often! #influencerchat",
 u'7 smart #smallbusiness strategies to get noticed on social media -',
 u'rt @postplanner: how to set facebook goals w/ @rebekahradice @adamsconsulting @scottayres #blab\u2026',
 u'how to set facebook goals for the new year w/ @postplanner @adamsconsulting #blab',
 u'getting ready to go live! join me for "how to set facebook goals for the new year today" subscribe now \u27bc #blab',
 u'internet marketing predictions for 2016 via @erikemanuelli',
 u"7 fatal facebook mistakes you're making (and how to quickly overcome them) #socialmedia",
 u'6 habits of highly successful #socialmedia marketers -',
 u'rt @jensjta: endelig kom opdateringen af ms reporting services - l\xe6s dommen her! #ssrs #inspari #msbi #mssql #reporting\u2026',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: how much #darkdata does your organization have? with @gruset. #inspari #ikd15 #bi',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: how do you make data understandable? what is interesting about you #data? #storytelling  #inspari #ikd15 #bi\u2026',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: excited about #iot. #inspari #ikd15',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: how #powerbi can be utilized to show real-time #data from #iot. #tabular data. #inspari #ikd15 #bi',
 u'rt @tmv95: #inspari  #ikd2015 #ikd15 \ntableau as a game. \U0001f633',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: #bipowerhour #inspari #ikd15',
 u'rt @jensjta: martin kolding giver den gas med alt det nye fede i #microsoft #excel 2016 - #ikd15 #inspari @\u2026',
 u'rt @philiphoyos: hvad siger gartner  @jens_jacob_aarup #tivoli #inspari #ikd15 #bi',
 u'rt @dauledk: sql reports med html5 #sql2016 #ikd15',
 u'@jensjta b',
 u'@jensjta a',
 u'rt @jensjta: the train is packed with #inspari on the road to copenhagen. ready to share knowledge about #bi #ikd15',
 u'@jensjta e',
 u'\xe5rets vinder #eoydk entrepreneur of the year k\xe5ret af @kristian_jensen og christian frigast. stort tillykke til casa',
 u'@oestergaard og @kristian_jensen i h\xe5rd musik battle p\xe5 #eoydk entrepreneur of the year',
 u'900 samlet i bella center til entrepreneur of the year #eoydk',
 u'@sitecore on stage at #ey #entrepreneuroftheyear in copenhagen',
 u'rt @ivaekst: #succesonline summit er slutningen p\xe5 vores dk tour i \xe5r: 43 kommuner, 1700 kursister, 193 moduler i 2015\u2026',
 u'rt @maxmjsoderlund: some may feel dwarfed. #alibaba',
 u'a voice of christian sanity: "why standing against islamic violence forces you to rethink biblical inerrancy" l',
 u'on suddenly pretending to care about homeless veterans for just as long as it allows you to oppose helping refugees',
 u'rt @hapi_drinks: first time seeing 20/20 \U0001f60a',
 u'rt @petersinger: kill one to save many?  a question for designers of self-drive cars:\n',
 u'rt @specgram: sg editor\u2019s credo\u2014do as little as possible &amp; that unwillingly. \u2018tis better to receive a slight reprimand than to perform an a\u2026',
 u'rt @specgram: argument schemata\u2014the putdown: that\u2019s true but uninteresting in the ______ sense.',
 u"rt @languagelog: grammarians, whores, buffoons: from an anonymous colleague: i'm currently auditing jennifer houseman wegner's ... http://t\u2026",
 u'rt @academicssay: fractal wrongness\nvia b. augustine',
 u'rt @eff: an "enhanced driver license" puts insecure technology in your wallet. tell @jerrybrowngov to veto sb 249',
 u'rt @briankrebs: krebsonsecurity exclusive: sources: credit card breach at michaels stores',
 u'rt @briankrebs: tale of how feds infiltrated, busted a counterfeit credit card shop is full of opsec fail. get popcorn\u2026',
 u'only takes one of these episodes to destroy trust. just deleted chrome.',
 u'rt @ggreenwald: mcclatchy on how sen. martin heinrich became an nsa critic - &amp; only learned about its programs from newspapers\u2026',
 u'rt @evgenymorozov: "ford exec: \'we know everyone who breaks the law\' thanks to our gps in your car"',
 u"rt @briankrebs: very thought-provoking quote re: rsa &amp; nsa in jeff carr's blog post today on why he's pulling out of rsa conference http://\u2026",
 u"target customers' personal information hacked (new breach)",
 u"rt @schneierblog: security risks of embedded systems: we're at a crisis point now with regard to the security of embedded system... http://\u2026",
 u"@cspatatbo you're late",
 u"rt @jamilsmith: instead of watching the #gopdebate, listen to the new @intersectiontnr on trump's fear campaign. i'm trying to help. https:\u2026",
 u"rt @culturejedi: is trump taking it to the next level so we'll think carson and rand are sane? or is everybody just cray? #gopdebate https:\u2026",
 u'rt @schnabeybaby: "i don\'t like star wars because i\'m not into period pieces" - @cesposito',
 u'test for workkk',
 u'test for work',
 u'best southern albums of 2015 via @bittersouth',
 u'rt @egotripland: kamasi washington goes shopping at amoeba records, hollywood (video).',
 u'rt @jamilsmith: every doj civil rights investigation of a law enforcement agency since 1994, catalogued by @sarah_childress.\u2026',
 u'rt @ronanburtenshaw: shackling the masses with drastic capitalist tactics // @jacobinmag on martin shkreli and wu tang\u2026',
 u'also, martin shkreli da real terrorist.',
 u"guess who has hair, a respiratory system, loves mealy apples, and doesn't give a shit about star wars? me.",
 u"check out @thisamerlife episode 574: 'sinatra's 100th birthday.'",
 u'one of the most important pieces of journalism this year. an essential read. - white debt',
 u'bills add up when someone is shot, and costs spill over to taxpayers',
 u'rt @jessethorn: people have figured out that san franciscans don\'t like "frisco" but they haven\'t yet noticed the cringes at "san fran."',
 u'rt @luckypeach: trust us: seaweed is the key to an incredible burger.',
 u'your new medical team: algorithms and physicians',
 u"rt @djdodgerstadium: new york \nnew york \nnew york\n\nmusic hall of williamsburg w/ @venusxgg &amp; @suicideyear \n\ntonight's the night \n\ndoors at 8",
 u'rt @statnews: "food is still our weapon of choice." drug reps\u2019 secret to wooing doctors:',
 u'#flyelephant team is open to collaboration. contact dmitry spodarets (@m31_rootua), founder and ceo, to set up a meeting at #sc15. please rt',
 u'#kdnuggets about #flyelephant and new project opportunities #r #python #bigdata',
 u'thanks for the recent follow @thawabhazmi @theteacherteam @mimi91022 happy to connect :) have a great saturday. (by',
 u'@se_railway thanks for sharing southeastern, have a great saturday :) (insight by',
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 u'@xplorestarstuff thanks for sharing srinivas anupoju, have a great friday :) (insight by',
 u'hello everyone, have a great friday! looking forward to reading your tweets :) (insight by',
 u'thanks for the recent follow @sheriatseagate @nimbussearch @sabersf happy to connect :) have a great friday. (via',
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 u'hello everyone, have a great wednesday! looking forward to reading your tweets :) (insight by',
 u'rt @insidehpc: flyelephant startup announces support for r, python, and public\xa0api',
 u'thanks for the recent follow @purecognition @jimacmcdermott @lamb003 happy to connect :) have a great tuesday. (via',
 u'rt @dsetrakyan: come to see my @apacheignite presentation at in-memory computing with apache ignite meetup -',
 u'#apacheignite allows storing data in on-heap as well as off-heap memory #fastdata',
 u'#apacheignite allows  multiple backup copies to guarantee data resiliency in case of failures #fastdata',
 u'service grid allows for deployments of arbitrary user-defined services on the cluster #apacheignite',
 u'ignite supports several protocols for client connectivity to clusters-ignite native clients, rest/http &amp; more',
 u'rt @24prbot: samaitra just opened a pull request to apache/ignite:',
 u'rt @24prbot: samaitra just opened a pull request to apache/ignite:',
 u'rt @misagh84: new contributions to @apereoorg #cas: @apacheignite &amp; @couchbase ticket registries &amp; a @couchbase service registry. thanks! #\u2026',
 u"#apacheignite ensures fault tolerance by replicating or partitioning the sessions' data across all cluster nodes",
 u'running sql queries w igniterdd - orders of magnitude faster than sql queries w spark native rdds or data frame apis',
 u'#apacheignite is capable of caching web sessions of all java servlet containers that follow java servlet 3.0 spec',
 u'#apacheignite provides high-perf cluster-wide messaging functionality to exchange data via publish-subscribe',
 u'unique capability of #apacheignite is a distributed #inmemory file system called ignite file system (igfs)',
 u'#apacheignite ordered messages - guarantees that messages will be received in the same order they were sent',
 u'in-memory data grid built from the ground up to linearly scale to 100s of nodes - read more #apacheignite',
 u'with jcache support you get in-memory key value store, concurrentmap apis, \npluggable persistence &amp; more',
 u'rt @worldofpiggy: the main problem of gemfire is that it has no support for ansi99 sql. apache ignite does. #distributed #data #bigdata',
 u'rt @mgarcia_cetax: apache ignite "in-memory data fabric"',
 u'#apacheignite - learn about shared memory layer for spark #inmemorycomputing #fastdata',
 u'rt @worldofpiggy: apache ignite vs gemfire #datagrid #bigdata #inmemory',
 u'bbc uses #artificialintelligence to track down new audiences for \u2018sherlock\u2019\n #datascience #ai',
 u'mit\u2019s new #deeplearning tool aims to predicts the memorability of your photos\n #datascience',
 u'deep learning in a nutshell: history &amp; training\n #datascience #machinelearning #deeplearning',
 u'the future of wind energy: seamlessly powering urban areas #future #bigdata #wind #tech',
 u' microsoft project oxford machine learning speaker and video apis available #machinelearning',
 u"machine learning frees up data scientists' time, simplifies smart applications #datascience",
 u' us military reveals it hopes to use artificial intelligence to create cybersoldiers #ai',
 u' ensuring developing countries benefit from big data #bigdata #developing #countries #benefit',
 u'have you seen our latest infographic on the fiction and fact surrounding big data? #bigdata #datascience #bigcloud',
 u'the coffee machines are taking over... @kdnuggets #machinelearning #deeplearning #datascience #iot #bigdata',
 u'rt @webefacts: who does what in the #datascience industry [#infographic] | #bigdata',
 u'rt @ie_bigdata: how to make big data work for franchises #articles #bigdata',
 u'rt @latinia: wearable banking to hit 2bn users by 2020 #wearbanking #wearable',
 u'rt @bryonshannon: 15 data science influencers you should be following on twitter and why #bigdata #datascience',
 u'rt @courtneydeinert: improving efficiencies and adding new innovative solutions are only as good as the revenue they can bring in. #iiot \nh\u2026',
 u'rt @danwithrowitpro: how analytics are transforming b2b sales - insidebigdata (via',
 u'rt @jus_wilson: what we all need - connected alcohol: absolut sets up internet of things testing lab',
 u'rt @waspkilluk: linkedin revamps its jobs listings with big data analytics',
 u"@trigentsoftware @bigdatatweetbot you're most welcome! have a great day! #bigcloud",
 u"@ecurasllc @luxuryhacks @ideatec_en @iloveaishahaadi @_moonwinx_ @milogulias @mooringsbbar @teluolunfu @josemolerm you're most welcome!",
 u'emc elastic cloud storage now certified on hdp',
 u'the case for a data science lab',
 u'vespa uses big data to design scooter for the 21st century',
 u'grow: build the ultimate internet marketing dashboard',
 u'meet the avant-garde of new relational databases',
 u'clearing the air around cloud computing',
 u'aadhaar: the world\u2019s largest biometric database',
 u'how historians and detectives can benefit from a semantic graph database',
 u'71 new tweeps followed me in the last week. i find relevant people to follow with the #copyfollowers feature of',
 u'data science to change the world or scratch an itch',
 u'neustar at the 2015 grace hopper celebration of women in computing',
 u'a big data success story made in ireland - irish times',
 u'wpi receives u.s. dept. of education funding to address shortage in big data computing professionals',
 u'compliance could be your selling point',
 u'rt @patricetruong: 4 agile #startup hacks that can transform your business @neilpatel',
 u'data: the new coal and\xa0steel',
 u'rt @tunguz: microsoft beats google, intel, tencent, and qualcomm in image recognition competition | #bigdata #ai #deeplearning\u2026',
 u"rt @tableau: data is big. so is visualizing it. read when it's best to use 13 common charts:",
 u'rt @insightsibm: scopri il valore aziendale della #security intelligence\n',
 u'rt @kirkdborne: how to use #dataviz and #analytics to improve customer satisfaction: #abdsc #bigdata #datascience #\u2026',
 u'winning elected office (head of government) knocks 2.7 years off life expectancy.',
 u'politics is a set of lies agreed upon. history is not.',
 u'are robots zombies?',
 u'@schoppik my analogy is spike sorting by threshold. it is less likely. regression to mean due to threshold of effects. #edges #space',
 u'bechdel test for atheism: two atheists meeting. talking about something other than god or religion.',
 u"@bryanconklin great! just email me and i'll pass it on to the publisher",
 u'the turnover rate of popular music:',
 u'the mary problem, resolved.',
 u'diversity in popular music peaked in the 60s, 70s and late 80s.',
 u'@cblatts @jhaushofer i wrote about this:',
 u'why primates like to look at data through their visual cortex, illustrated.',
 u'i wonder if they use matlab in matlab. they do seem to have the data. i should visit more often. \n',
 u'@jayvanbavel illumination priors',
 u'anova: cooking anything but data',
 u'strong effect of bifidobacterium on tumor suppression. #gut #beyondmentalhealth',
 u'"...the brain is just a big bit mixer" - the most quotable neuroscientist? @kordinglab?',
 u"map all the roads and you still don't know who is driving, with what cars, when or why. #connectome",
 u'reddit to start producing original content on cognitive neuroscience. a game changer? #cyborgnation',
 u'seminal paper: number of neurons and glia in the brain of a large number of mammalian species. #opensource too',
 u'@vskillingsworth @jayvanbavel yes, a priori. but read the paper. #experiment',
 u'@joerafel is that someone sliding down a staircase :)',
 u'rt @f_kremmer: improving child safety in motor vehicles - a safe communities approach #publichealth\u2026',
 u'rt @uniofoxford: testing the tolerance of the nuclear fusion reactors of the future',
 u"rt @mmmmmrob: if you have friends studying medicine, please do send them a link to meducation's new android app :)",
 u"@vincentdignan loads of stuff. some projects to pay the bills and a load of code that i'm trying to get into private alpha.",
 u"what's with the @twitter hearts. that's new! #stargazing",
 u'lovely work @ihid &amp; @meducation on the new #meducation app. all looks very clean. hope your servers keep cool and your cdn stays warm.',
 u'rt @speccollbrad: .@ueaarchives @uniofeastanglia launch the british archive for contemporary writing #bacw http://t.\u2026',
 u'rt @petergross11: this ones a cracker',
 u'rt @meriemlaifa: hello! yes #ilooklikeanengineer and i am proud (^_^)',
 u'@charlescare @meducation @strategyeye great stuff guys! keep it up :)',
 u"rt @charlescare: nice to see @meducation getting a mention as one of #birmingham's many exciting start-ups  @strate\u2026",
 u'@charlescare i just found this very helpful.',
 u'@pattishank ah, thanks for the tips :)',
 u"@pattishank interesting... i'm just looking at my social tooling. do you find useful?",
 u"upside to running own #startup. can relocate your office to wherever sells ice cream. downside: isn't a lot of spare cash for ice cream.",
 u'learning mean today... just read setting up a router with node.js',
 u"@charlescare how's meducation going?",
 u'never thought about this... but it makes complete sense. the uk telelphone numbers kept-back for tv',
 u"oh: 'how do you charge for hot water ', 'easy, just put through an extra shot of coffee and a sachet of ketchup.' #wesellketchup",
 u'rt @sophiepenrose: icelandic lullaby',
 u'rt @pattyarquette: i feel kind of sick inside 4 #ashleymadison hacked people. i am into fidelity &amp; honesty but public shaming is like bring\u2026',
 u'rt @viticci: the sad truth of 2015 tech twitter: 70% of my timeline is people complaining about something, every day. optimism is rare thes\u2026',
 u'rt @rbudavari: #vmwarensx nsx 6.2 has just gone live !',
 u'rt @zettagrid: are you an apra supervised organisation? our secondsite dr as a service is safeguarding your peers!',
 u'rt @ramirahim: excited about the launch of our new #juniper design &amp; arch center for the data center',
 u'rt @imaxava: follow-up: 9 september free international i-power workshop #vr4smallbiz',
 u'rt @ibmaustralia: the world #health organisation first precisely mapped outbreaks of smallpox on an ibm system 370 in 1976 #innovation http\u2026',
 u"rt @robincharlton8: - it's all about the numbers",
 u'rt @storagesport: george boole inspired sherlock holmes baddie moriarty, professor claims -',
 u'rt @lvbackup: new e-paper for #ibmi about the differences between using #lto tape &amp; tapeless backup.\u2026',
 u'rt @vrdmn: just blogged: modify sharepoint regional and language settings with jsom and javascript #sharepoint #offi\u2026',
 u'rt @mattein: awesome panel session from ignite - transforming your #sharepoint full trust code to the office app model\u2026',
 u'rt @officemechanics: three important upcoming changes to #office365 presented by julia white',
 u'rt @officemechanics: how to use #azure ad for unified and secure login to thousands of #cloud apps and services',
 u'rt @shinjikuwayama: \u2018the onion\u2019 has a \u2018vice\u2019 parody in the works called \u2018edge\u2019',
 u"rt @shinjikuwayama: a 2004 email from jeff bezos explains why powerpoint presentations aren't allowed at amazon",
 u'rt @bradjensen: sending impromptu messages on the ibm i #ibmi',
 u"rt @sunfoundation: we're looking for an intrepid software developer to help expand our work with government #opendata. apply today! http://\u2026",
 u'eating habits are contagious.',
 u'booking shows for next year and my irish friend, ian cleary, is on the list.  if you do not know who this is then...',
 u'i posted a new photo to facebook',
 u'content should ask people to do something and reward them for it. \u2013 lee odden #content #marketing #podcasting',
 u'be where the world is going.  beth comstock  #podcast',
 u'@recruiterguy81 @carolesanek and the fact that a former partner actually had the flipping nerve to call me obnoxious.  me????',
 u'make your marketing so useful people would pay for it. - via @jaybaer #podcast',
 u'i recorded my last podcast of the year today - actually it was a redo of one that failed due to a recording...',
 u'your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points. \u2013 jonah sachs #podcast',
 u'social media is about the people. not about your business. provide for the people and the people will provide for you.\u2013 matt goulart',
 u'content: there is no easy button. - scott abel #podcast',
 u'carole here to say my company (and i) recently were awarded being in the top 10 of marketing/pr companies in the...',
 u'a dynamic \u201cbutterfly\u201d -  over coffee\xae  celebrates #podcastday with "crazy marketing lady" @crazymktgladies',
 u'we have a closed group on fb for marketing conversations no self-promos pls srch &amp; ask to join the padded room #entrepreneurs',
 u'we\u2019re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest. \u2013 josh bernoff #podcast',
 u'content should ask people to do something and reward them for it. \u2013 lee odden #content #marketing #podcasting',
 u'we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.  craig davis #podcast',
 u'i posted a new photo to facebook',
 u'inspiration doesn\u2019t respond to meeting requests. you can\u2019t schedule greatness.  jay baer #podcast',
 u'social media is a contact sport.  \u2013 margaret molloy #podcast',
 u'social media is about the people. not about your business. provide for the people and the people will provide for you.\u2013 matt goulart',
 u"just discovered john rowley &amp; francis rubin's great book on #intdev #consulting is free at thanks @oxfamgb !",
 u'loved the hc3 innovation webinar 11: transmedia and entertainment education. thanks to all the presenters: it was really useful.',
 u"amazing. take a look at this, anyone who's interested in #london and #housing",
 u'rt @ovalhouse: 1966: and so it begins with people show 1 @peopleshowltd #50tweetsfor50years',
 u'rt @un_satisfactory: in expatistan it\'s cirrhosis. mt \u201c@amazing_maps: the disease most likely to kill you by country."\n-\u2026',
 u"wow. @begumnadiya, anne-marie duff and @cerysmatthews all in one spot for @wateraiduk's #deliverlife appeal",
 u'fascinating talk from rob burnett of @awelltoldstory talking about shujazz on  #transmedia #storytelling #c4d #bcc',
 u"didn't feel like wrapping the christmas presents. realised have no decorations.",
 u'@neureekie if only! will be watching out for your 2016 festivities.',
 u'my kind of motivational quote: success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. w churchill #mondaymotivation',
 u'oh to be in scotland on december 17th!',
 u'thanks for sharing @solemu !',
 u"surely isn't a variation on anti-homeless spikes outside @mariecurieuk in islington? people used to sleep there.",
 u'rt @doyle_kevin: softball piece by @forbes on cambodia commerce minister sun chanthol (so soft it should be flagged as advertorial) https:/\u2026',
 u'@hollyferg  #benjaminclementine ticket is on twickets at',
 u"@melsanson  hi mel, i've just put one on twickets -",
 u'rt @versobooks: isis expert patrick cockburn on air strikes in #syria: wishful thinking &amp; poor information https://\u2026',
 u'@hollyferg the ticket is yours! can you pm me your phone and we can arrange how to meet?',
 u"@hollyferg if my boyfriend doesn't recover from his sickbed it will be yours - cover price \xa318.50.",
 u'@hollyferg i might have one. will know tomorrow. are you still looking?',
 u'not happy w/ what they did w/ #redtornado in #supergirl tv show (appearance, lack of speech, a villain punching bag to hot head #supergirl',
 u"it's crazy how the #legofriends sets are so darn good while #legocity (which is mostly police, firefighting, &amp; construction) lack variety \U0001f615",
 u'why am i so complacent about petty chores?',
 u"not all degrees r created equal so don't compare the value of #stem degrees 2 that a #politicalscience's\n#nationaloffendacollegestudentday",
 u'#afol #legocity release date of 60117 (van + caravan) january 1st, 2016',
 u'#lego set 60117 (van + caravan) is officially listed on their website. it will be available on january 1st, 2016. #legocity',
 u'#mickeyrourke &amp; and the #bogdanov twins are *not* the same person',
 u'a #genderbender #cosplay of #scorpion or #subzero please! \U0001f600',
 u'the more i look at the pic of #lego60117 the more i have my doubts about purchasing it. i will wait until i see a review of it on youtube',
 u'i am in a \U0001f363\U0001f371 kinda mood.\U0001f600',
 u'@the_aznphenom it had to happen at one point \U0001f62d',
 u'3z 3z 3z',
 u'#draymondgreen = 2016 #nbaallstar ?',
 u'devising a #legomoc of my childhood apartment.',
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 u'high likelihood #dubnation goes 24-0 after beating #bostonceltics 2nite',
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 u"oh yes it's been a glorious day!",
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 u'how does your leadership team rate? \u2013',
 u'@ryanbethencourt can you dm me your e-mail address can seem to find you anywhere ;(',
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 u'datazenit beta v0.9.26: the biggest update so far',
 u'a scala view of rust',
 u'we have added selectable rows and a few handy keyboard shortcuts to sensei grid v0.3.14',
 u'new beta release - datazenit v0.9.25. sortable data grid, improved row duplication and more',
 u'rt @mnbbrown: check out @datazenit for a psql and mysql query tool. looks very promising @pjlaurie @smitec.',
 u'sensei grid v0.3.11 released',
 u'rt @mnbbrown: @lauriswat @datazenit loving it so far. fav thing: keyboard shortcuts. ctrl+enter to run query. csv export + ability to cance\u2026',
 u'datazenit now has a separate windows package - download from datazenit store',
 u'latest datazenit beta v0.9.24 \u2013 team view, user invites, option to execute text selection in query editor',
 u'@rabbitonweb @purelyfunc yeah, we wanted that too, but sadly twitter polls only allow two choices.',
 u'rt @livet0ski: @datazenit looks interesting. will the tool be open source?',
 u'rt @ja_tomasz: @datazenit depends. if i am starting a project from scratch and i see a non-relational way to implement my models i tend to \u2026',
 u'poll: sql or nosql?',
 u'chaos tomb: visualizing gameplay with d3.js and sql',
 u'@livet0ski some parts of datazenit are already open sourced, e.g., the data grid component is available on github. more coming later on.',
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 u'postgresql locking revealed',
 u'datazenit beta release v0.9.23 \u2013 fixed layout, function support in query builder and more',
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 u'\u201cfuture: that period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true &amp; our happiness is assured.\u201d #quote',
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 u'@lmbrownlee1 lisa, sure. the holes are numerous. one of many. some are easy to take advantage of, others require more skill.',
 u'@lmbrownlee1 when it stops happening, i will be thinking, something else must happening behind the scenes, just currently hidden from sight',
 u'eighty percent of success is showing up. \u2013woody allen #quote',
 u'ho ho hosed: asian biz malware pwns air-gaps, thousands of #android s #malware #mobile\n',
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 u'\U0001f4ddwe need bloggers. shoot an email if interested and tell us how truly data-driven are you. any questions, just ask!',
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 u'the adoption of data science in companies like uber, netflix and amazon \n',
 u'with governments collecting so much data, at least we should get useful apps\n',
 u'insights you weren\u2019t expecting from big data. how do you gain for exponential growth?\n',
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 u'how you can use big data in your small business. yes, it is personalised email marketing.',
 u'10 tips for beginning your big #data journey - an analytics culture is very important.',
 u'how you should explain big data to your ceo \n',
 u'programmatic ad spend in japan reaches mobile tipping\n',
 u'rt slideshare: chief data scientist chrishwiggins discusses his role and the importance of data at the nytimes:',
 u'rt @inc: to grow its platform, slack is handing out $80 million to developers',
 u'rt teradata: 5 ways to create and nurture customer loyalty',
 u'rt datafloq: how big data &amp; advanced analytics will change transportation - by gocloudmoyo \u2026',
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 u'rt @torservers: our @tor2web gateway is under ddos and has to be nullrouted for a while (12 gbit/s). sorry for the downtime.',
 u'rt @twittereng: the design, architecture, and implementation of twitter\u2019s failure testing framework:',
 u'rt @icomofficiel: "we are standing by libya to make the future of this country better." #icomredlist @statedept representative now speaking\u2026',
 u'rt @cbwevents: report on first day at the biological weapons convention meeting of states parties posted\n #bwcmsp201\u2026',
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 u'mark ruffalo goes hulk on monsanto ceo, hugh grant. after the interview that hugh grant gave to cbs this morning...',
 u'could gmos be behind your digestive problems? the incidence of leaky gut is on the rise since gmos were...',
 u"action alert: you're making a difference! we've reviewed the omnibus spending bill published last night, and it...",
 u'yet another report - this one from spain - proves that gmos are a fraud. yields are no better, insect resistance...',
 u'$10 million challenge to monsanto: \u201cif monsanto can disprove the fact that there are no safety assessment...',
 u'syngenta has sued top u.s. grain exporters cargill inc. and archer daniels midland co. over losses that u.s....',
 u'bernie sanders had something to say about monsanto at a recent town hall meeting: "monsanto is a very, very...',
 u'breaking: taiwan\u2019s government has passed amendments to the school health act that ban the use of genetically...',
 u"if you're looking for something for your elementary school age child's teacher, look no further. kk's cupcakes is...",
 u'action alert: call your u.s. senators and representatives and tell them: no sneaky riders in spending bills. we...',
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 u'danish pig farmer, ib pedersen, found that the incidence of birth defects &amp; other health problems went way down...',
 u'henry i. miller - another sneaky gmo shill and operative that works to defame public scientists in the interest...',
 u'weed killing robot developed by bosch could put an end to the use of roundup and other carcinogenic herbicides in...',
 u'while these gmo chickens were not approved for human consumption and we applaud the treatment of lal deficiency,...',
 u'australian women strip to protest roundup spraying: a group of north coast women have put their bodies on the...',
 u'scientists warn of dangers of multi-toxin gmo bt crops: hazards to non-target insects and mammals from...',
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 u'@phaseit absolutely. bringing that education to the masses is my primary passion.',
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In [ ]:
token_dict = {}
stemmer = PorterStemmer()

#this can take some time
tfidf = TfidfVectorizer(tokenizer=tokenize, stop_words='english')
tfs = tfidf.fit_transform(token_dict.values())

In [ ]:

In [ ]:

In [21]:
import random


In [110]:
import random
import math
tokens = ['adf', 'klj', 'iuaod', 'ssfle', 'edfel', 'egfel', 'efhlef', 'efjlef', 'sokeof', 'adf', 'adffd', 'f', 'ff', 'fff', 'ffff', 'fffff', 'fa', 'faa', 'faaa']
w = []
for t in tokens:
    r = math.pow(random.random(), 3)
w = np.array(w)
w = w / sum(w)
df = pd.DataFrame({'token': tokens, 'w': w})
df.sort('w', inplace=True, ascending=True)
df.index = np.arange(df.shape[0]) + 1

In [130]:
if df.shape[0] > 10:
    tail = df.ix[:10, 'w'].sum()
    rem = df.iloc[10:].copy()
    rem.sort('w', inplace=True, ascending=False)
    rem.ix[rem.shape[0]] = pd.Series({'token': '--[other terms]--', 'w': tail})
    rem.index = np.arange(rem.shape[0])

In [131]:

token w
0 fa 0.182045
1 faa 0.173771
2 adf 0.148007
3 ssfle 0.139892
4 ff 0.101003
5 klj 0.058918
6 ffff 0.055602
7 egfel 0.032608
8 fffff 0.029047
9 --[other terms]-- 0.079108

In [163]:
colors = []
for c in range(rem.shape[0]-1):
plt.barh(rem.index * -1, rem['w'], color=colors)
plt.yticks(rem.index * -1 + 0.4, rem['token'])
plt.ylim(-1 * rem.shape[0] + 0.8, 1)
plt.ylabel('phrase weight')

In [ ]:

In [ ]:

In [ ]:

In [ ]: