Extracting data from the Oklahoma nuclear explosions catalog

In [1]:
import re
import csv

In [2]:
dataline_pat = re.compile(r"^\d{6} .*$")

def txt_to_datalines(txt):
    def is_dataline(line):
        return re.match(dataline_pat, line)

    lines = txt.split("\n")
    datalines = list(filter(is_dataline, lines))
    return datalines

In [3]:
def get_country(line):
    return line[16:18]

def has_valid_country(line):
    country = get_country(line)
    return (
        country in ("US", "GB", "CP", "FR", "IN", "PC", "IS", "PK", "NK") and
        line[16:24] != "FRIJOLES"

In [4]:
def txt_to_data(txt):
    datalines = txt_to_datalines(txt)
    country_lines = list(filter(has_valid_country, datalines))
    fixed_width = ("{0: <80}".format(line) for line in country_lines)
    return [ {
        "date": line[:6].strip(),
        "time": line[7:15].strip(),
        "testing_party": line[16:18].strip(),
        "site": line[18:21].strip(),
        "subsite": line[21].strip(),
        "type": line[23:27].strip(),
        "body_wave_magnitude": line[28:31].strip(),
        "surface_wave_magnitude": line[32:35].strip(),
        "explosive_yield": line[36:41].strip(),
        "latitude": line[42:49].strip().upper(),
        "longitude": line[50:58].strip().upper(),
        "purpose": line[59:61].strip(),
        "device_type": line[61:63].strip(),
        "rock_type": line[63:67].strip(),
        "device_position": line[67].strip(),
        "name": line[68:76].strip(),
        "references": line[76:80].strip()
    } for line in fixed_width ]

In [5]:
def data_to_csv(data, outfile):
    cols = [ "date", "time", "testing_party", "site", "subsite", "type", 
            "body_wave_magnitude", "surface_wave_magnitude", "explosive_yield", 
            "latitude", "longitude", "purpose", "device_type", "rock_type", 
            "device_position", "name", "references" ] 
    writer = csv.DictWriter(outfile, fieldnames=cols)

In [6]:
txt = open("../documents/oklahoma-catalog-original.txt").read()
data = txt_to_data(txt)

In [7]:
with open("../data/oklahoma-catalog-explosions.csv", "w") as f:
    data_to_csv(data, f)