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Fit a line inside an aperture

Button Function
Select guesses for line and continuum
Fit line and continuum
Export aperture and fit
Import aperture and line/continumm guesses

Selecting continuum and line guesses

After clicking the "guess" icon (in the right side toolbar), a popup window with several options will appear.

After selecting the best options, select two regions around the line(s) to define the continuum. by clicking (left button) and dragging twice. At this point, the selected number of lines will appear. It is possible to adjust continuum and lines by moving with the mouse the dots on the lines.


Once the optimal selection of continuum and lines is done, click on the icon with the line and gears to do the fit. If the fit is done, a purple line will be plotted on the spectrum. If the results are not good, it is possible to adjust the guesses and retry.

Otherwise, one can start with a fresh guess and define, for instance, a different model for the fitting using a Voigt function instead of a Gaussian.

Export/import aperture

There are two ways to export/import aperture and fits.

Through the menu: File -> Aperture I/O -> Export or Import.

Using the icons on the right side panel (to export) on on the left side panel (to import an aperture and guesses).

Remember that if a file contains the result of the fit, by saving it again this fit will be superseeded by the new fit defined.