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Trim and crop the spectral cube

Button Function
Trim. Allows one to select and save a slice of the cube.
Crop. Allows one to save the spatial region of the cube selected by the current zoom.


In some cases, part of the spectral cube can be unusable or not interesting. Trimming the cube speeds up the process of analysis of the cube, especially when fitting lines all over the cube.

To trim the cube, select a slice of the cube (see tutorials on Selecting a slice of the cube) and click on the trim icon. A pop-up window allows one to choose a name/folder for the new cube which includes only the wavelength range selected.


The "crop" icon is under the image panel. If the image was blown up using the "zoom" icon (see tutorial on zooming), clicking on the "crop" icon will generate a pop-up window asking if one is interested in saving the new cube. At this point, if the answer is positive, another pop-up window allows one to select name and folder to save the new cube.