Project Euler

Python Code

Python code can be found in solutions/python

Run Python code as follows; e.g. Problem 1

$ python

C Code

C code can be found in solutions/c. The Scons build-system is used.

Build everything as follows.

$ scons

Run C programs as follows; e.g. Problem 8

$ ./out/problem-8

Java Code

Java code can be found in solutions/java. The maven build-system is used.

$ mvn package

A single executable Fat JAR would be built. Provide it with the problem names to execute. Problem 24, for example, would be executed as follows.

$ java -jar target/euler.jar 24
Problem 24 completed in 0 milliseconds. Answer is 2783915460

Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebook can be found in solutions/jupyter. You can start the Jupyter Notebook server as follows:

$ jupyter notebook

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