Releasing assignments

.. seealso:: :doc:`03_generating_assignments` Details on generating assignments :doc:`/command_line_tools/nbgrader-release` Command line options for ``nbgrader release`` :doc:`/command_line_tools/nbgrader-list` Command line options for ``nbgrader list``

After an assignment has been created using nbgrader assign, the instructor must actually release that assignment to students. If the class is being taught on a single filesystem, then the instructor may use nbgrader release to copy the assignment files to a shared location on the filesystem for students to then download.

First, we must specify a few configuration options. We'll need to use these a few times, so we'll create a file that will get automatically loaded when we run nbgrader:

In [ ]:

c = get_config()

c.NbGraderConfig.course_id = "example_course"
c.TransferApp.exchange_directory = "/tmp/exchange"

In the config file, we've specified the "exchange" directory to be /tmp/exchange. This directory must exist before running nbgrader, so we'll first create it:

In [ ]:

# remove existing directory, so we can start fresh for demo purposes
rm -rf /tmp/exchange

# create the exchange directory, with write permissions for everyone
mkdir /tmp/exchange
chmod og+w /tmp/exchange

Now that we have the directory created, we can actually run nbgrader release:

In [ ]:

nbgrader release "Problem Set 1"

Finally, you can verify that the assignment has been appropriatel released by running the nbgrader list command:

In [ ]:

nbgrader list