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%matplotlib inline

Defining a custom corpus for plotting text

By default, the text samples will be transformed into a vector of word counts and then modeled using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (# of topics = 100) using a model fit to a large sample of wikipedia pages. However, you can optionally pass your own text to fit the semantic model. To do this define corpus as a list of documents (strings). A topic model will be fit on the fly and the text will be plotted.

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# Code source: Andrew Heusser
# License: MIT

# load hypertools
import hypertools as hyp

# load the data
text_samples = ['i like cats alot', 'cats r pretty cool', 'cats are better than dogs',
        'dogs rule the haus', 'dogs are my jam', 'dogs are a mans best friend',
        'i haz a cheezeburger?']

# plot it
hyp.plot(text_samples, 'o', corpus=text_samples)