7.8 Laminar flow in Valves, Fittings, and Pipe - SAE oil through a pipe and globe valve

S.A.E. 30 Oil at 40 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 600 barrels/hour flows in a 60 m long 200mm schedule 40 pipe and passes through a 200 mm globe valve, full area seat.

Calculate the pressure drop.

In [1]:
from fluids.units import *
from thermo import Stream
from math import *
Q = 600*u.barrel/u.hour
L = 60*u.m
NPS, D_pipe, Do_pipe, t = nearest_pipe(Di=200*u.mm)

rho = 869.2*u.kg/u.m**3
mu = 130*u.cP

V = Q/(pi/4*D_pipe**2)
Re = Reynolds(D=D_pipe, V=V, rho=rho, mu=mu)
fd = friction_factor(Re=Re)
ft = friction_factor(Re=1E6, eD=0.0018*u.inch/D_pipe)
K = K_globe_valve_Crane(D1=D_pipe, D2=D_pipe, fd=ft)
K += K_from_f(fd=fd, L=L, D=D_pipe)
dP_from_K(K=K, V=V, rho=rho)

5781.61276167 pascal

The example gives a pressure drop of 6382 Pa.