Theory and Practice of Visualization Exercise 2


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from IPython.display import Image

Violations of graphical excellence and integrity

Find a data-focused visualization on one of the following websites that is a negative example of the principles that Tufte describes in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Upload the image for the visualization to this directory and display the image inline in this notebook.

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from IPython.display import Image
Image(filename='How-Every-UFC-Fight-Ended-in-2013-no-background-4x3.png', width='100%')


Describe in detail the ways in which the visualization violates graphical integrity and excellence:

This graphic a lot. The data ink ratio is horrible, as is the lie factor. The data is ambiguous and while it shows a lot of data, it doesnt show it well. It is poorly formatted and looks ugly, that detracts from the data.