Latex notations in Jupyter notebooks

This cheetsheet covers how to write equations and math symbols in Notebooks.

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How to write tex notations

In-line notations

Wrap your equation with $ ... $

Whole line notations

Wrap your segments with $$ ... $$

Math symbols

  • Write brackets {} as \{ and \}
  • write spaces as ~ for a single space
  • write most math symbols using intuitive names. For instance, write phi as $ \phi $ : $\phi$
  • to negate a symbol, prefix it with \not. For instance, for not subset, write as $A \not\subset B$ which results in $A \not\subset B$
  • write fractions as \frac{x}{y} to represent x over y: $\frac{x}{y}$
  • write subscript as _{} and superscript as ^{}. For instance $P_{23}$ for $P_{23}$ and $P^{34}$ for $P^{34}$
  • write new line with two \
  • write decorations prefixing teh symbol. For instance for x bar write as \bar x: $\bar x$

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