Greater Data Science Landscape @ Cal Poly

In [1]:
import networkx as nx

In [2]:
G = nx.DiGraph()
# Add nodes with the node attribute "bipartite"
people = ["Paul Anderson", "Dennis Sun", "Alexander Dekhtyar","Jean Davidson"]
departments = ["Computer Science and Software Engineering","Statistics","Biology"]
programs = ["CDSM in Data Science","CDSM in Bioinformatics"]
G.add_nodes_from(people, multipartite="people")
G.add_nodes_from(departments, multipartite="departments")
G.add_nodes_from(programs, multipartite="programs")
# Add edges only between nodes of opposite node sets
department_affiliation = [
    ("Paul Anderson","Computer Science and Software Engineering"),
    ("Dennis Sun","Statistics")

In [5]:
%matplotlib inline

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

pos = nx.random_layout(G)  # positions for all nodes

# nodes
nx.draw_networkx_nodes(G, pos, node_size=700)

# edges
nx.draw_networkx_edges(G, pos)

# labels
nx.draw_networkx_labels(G, pos, font_size=20, font_family='sans-serif')


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