This notebook describes the various contents of the data directory: what they are, how they are generated, and how they are used. It is currently an early work in progress.

The AWASH model uses a consistent set of matrix dimensions for most of its data, which are defined in world.jl.

Variable Description US count Order
numcounties The number of counties 3109 mastercounties.csv
numedges The number of stream links 18561
numgauges The number of stream nodes 22559
numsteps The number of time steps Depends
numcrops The number of agricultural crops 9
numcanals The number of gauge-county links 21598
numreservoirs The number of stream reservoirs 2671
naquifers The number of groundwater aquifers 3108

Descriptions of individual data files

  • extraction/USGS-2010.csv: from Units: Mgal/day (1382.59212 1000 m^3/year).
  • demand/simulation2010demanddata.csv: from Michelle. Units: 1000 m^3 / year.
  • demand/urbandemand_May11.csv: from Maura, with original in prepare/urbandemand.