Homework 3

Continue the exercises in Brandon Rhodes' Pycon Pandas Tutorial. Once again, watch the Brandon's Pandas Tutorial Video from Pycon 2015 in Montréal if you need help.

SUBMISSION: Compile all your answers into a single notebook titled homework3.ipynb and place it in your workspace folder to submit.

Exercise 2

Feel free to complete the whole notebook, but these are the important questions:

  • Plot how many roles Mammootty has played in each year of his career.
  • What are the 10 most frequent roles that start with the phrase "Patron in"?
  • Plot the n-values of the roles that Judi Dench has played over her career.

Exercise 3

Do all 7 questions.

Exercise 4

Do all 8 questions.

Exercise 5

Do all 7 questions.

Exercise 6

Challenge / Optional

Learn about dealing with missing and messy data, renaming columns, using more complicated str methods, and merging data frames using concat.