How does the age of the pilot affect the probability of having an accident?

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%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2
%matplotlib inline

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import sqlite3
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import matplotlib as mpl

from flight_safety.queries import get_flight_crew_accidents

In [3]:
con = sqlite3.connect('data/avall.db')

In [4]:
flight_crew = get_flight_crew_accidents(con)

Age distribution of pilots who have had an accident

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In [6]:
age_bins = np.arange(14, 85, 5)
flight_crew['crew_age'].hist(bins=age_bins, ec='white', grid=False)
plt.ylabel('number of accidents');

Number of licenses per age

Active FAA Pilot Certificates Held by Category and Age Group of Holder according to GAMMA databook

In [7]:
licenses_by_age_airline = np.array(
    [0, 572, 5199, 12003, 15507, 18337,
     23058, 25882, 24220, 16824, 10184,
     4284, 1766, 787]

plt.plot(age_bins[1:], licenses_by_age_airline, 'o-');

Accidents per license rate

In [8]:
age_group = pd.cut(flight_crew['crew_age'], age_bins)
gby_age = flight_crew['ev_id'].groupby(age_group).count()

In [9]:
accident_rate_age = gby_age / licenses_by_age_airline
plt.ylabel('accidents / licenses')
plt.xlabel('crew age');

It seems that some people have investigated this issue before:

[...] the accident rate of airline transport rated (ATR) pilots aged 55–59 is approximately one-third of that of pilots with the same rating who are aged 20–24.

Handbook of Aviation Human Factors, Second Edition. John A. Wise,V. David Hopkin,Daniel J.