AIMA Python Binder Index

Welcome to the AIMA Python Code Repository. You should be seeing this index notebook if you clicked on the Launch Binder button on the repository. If you are viewing this notebook directly on Github we suggest that you use the Launch Binder button instead. Binder allows you to experiment with all the code in the browser itself without the need of installing anything on your local machine. Below is the list of notebooks that should assist you in navigating the different notebooks available.

If you are completely new to AIMA Python or Jupyter Notebooks we suggest that you start with the Introduction Notebook.

List of Notebooks

  1. Introduction

  2. Agents

  3. Search

  4. Search - 4th edition

  5. Games

  6. Constraint Satisfaction Problems

  7. Logic

  8. Planning

  9. Probability

  10. Markov Decision Processes

  11. Learning

  12. Reinforcement Learning

  13. Statistical Language Processing Tools

  14. Natural Language Processing

Besides the notebooks it is also possible to make direct modifications to the Python/JS code. To view/modify the complete set of files click here to view the Directory structure.