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# When using ipython this will import matplotlib to plt and numpy to np
# As a quick replacement the following three lines can be replaced by %pylab inline
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# This is so that plots are shown inline within this  notebook
%matplotlib inline

# The interp1d function imported here allows for 1d interpolation 
# Documentation and examples: 
from scipy.interpolate import interp1d

# This is the interactive plotting module
import bokeh.plotting as bkh
# This bokeh function makes interactive plots be drawn inline into the notebook

# This looks in pymephisto/ for the function load_mephisto 
# which is set up to include the functions that will need to be called
from pymephisto import load_mephisto

# Install this package by running the bat file at:
#   S:\Python Packages\run_install_all.bat
from pddprofile import normalise, bokeh_display