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#!/usr/bin/env python

import mcpi.minecraft as minecraft
import mcpi.block as block
import time

#Author:		Obsidz
#Description:   This is a teleport pad script.
#			   To create a pad, place a nether reactor core onto a location and ring with cobbledtone blocks
#			   To add to locations list walk over it
#Notes:		 Pads added to list by walking over them
#			   Pads not removed if destroyed but can be teleported to but not from
#			   You cannot teleport to the same pad without modifying script
#			   Pads need to be added each time the script is run

# modified version - as shared on
# original post @

LPLoc = list()
Pads = 0
Cpad = 0

# If you are running this script with the bukkit mod, then use a diamond block as the magic center block for teleporting
# comment/uncomment below as appropriate
magic_block = # for bukkit server
#magic_block = # for raspberry pi

def isLaunchPad(): #checks if the the location below the player is a teleporting pad
		loc = mc.player.getPos()
		if ((mc.getBlock(loc.x,loc.y-1,loc.z) == magic_block) and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x-1,loc.y-1,loc.z-1) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x-1,loc.y-1,loc.z) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x-1,loc.y-1,loc.z+1) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x,loc.y-1,loc.z+1) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x,loc.y-1,loc.z-1) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x+1,loc.y-1,loc.z-1) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x+1,loc.y-1,loc.z) == and
			(mc.getBlock(loc.x+1,loc.y-1,loc.z+1) ==
			return True
			return False
def addLPLoc(Vec3): #Loggs the location of the pad for future use
	global Pads
	global LPLoc
	inList = False
	if Pads > 0:
		for loc in LPLoc:
			if (loc.x == Vec3.x and loc.y == Vec3.y and loc.z == Vec3.z):
				inList = True
	if not inList:
		mc.postToChat("I'll remember this pad location!")
		Pads =  len(LPLoc)
def locCheck(): #Checks that you are not teleporting to the same pad
	global Cpad
	global LPLoc
	loc = mc.player.getPos()
	if (loc.x == LPLoc[Cpad].x and loc.y == LPLoc[Cpad].y and loc.z == LPLoc[Cpad].z):
		Cpad = Cpad + 1
def TPChar(): #sends the character to the next pad
	global Pads
	global Cpad
	global LPLoc
	if Pads > 1:
		mc.player.setPos(LPLoc[Cpad].x,LPLoc[Cpad].y + 1,LPLoc[Cpad].z)
		Cpad = ( Cpad + 1) %  Pads
if __name__ == "__main__": # The script
	mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()
	while True:
		if isLaunchPad():