Interact Exercise 01


In [1]:
%matplotlib inline
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

In [2]:
from IPython.html.widgets import interact, interactive, fixed
from IPython.display import display

:0: FutureWarning: IPython widgets are experimental and may change in the future.

Interact basics

Write a print_sum function that prints the sum of its arguments a and b.

In [4]:
def print_sum(a, b):

Use the interact function to interact with the print_sum function.

  • a should be a floating point slider over the interval [-10., 10.] with step sizes of 0.1
  • b should be an integer slider the interval [-8, 8] with step sizes of 2.

In [6]:
interact(print_sum, a=(-10,10,.1), b=(-8, 8, 2))


In [7]:
assert True # leave this for grading the print_sum exercise

Write a function named print_string that prints a string and additionally prints the length of that string if a boolean parameter is True.

In [10]:
def print_string(s, length=False):
    if length==True:
        print("%s has length %d" %(s, len(s)))

Use the interact function to interact with the print_string function.

  • s should be a textbox with the initial value "Hello World!".
  • length should be a checkbox with an initial value of True.

In [11]:
interact(print_string, s = "Hello World", length = False)

jdjsjflodjflmdgnpdinptigde has length 26

In [ ]:
assert True # leave this for grading the print_string exercise