Who are we?

  • Maj IMM Ben Lauwens, 150 POL, D30.20, ben.lauwens@rma.ac.be

  • Cdt IMM François Dossogne, 140 POL, D30.25 , francois.dossogne@rma.ac.be

Course description

Introductory programming course with an emphasis on learning to program in contrast to learning a programming language.

In the first part the students will discover the most important imperative programming techniques based on toy programming problems in Octave, Python, Julia and C++.

In the second part they will develop hands-on the skills to successfully finish a programming project.

Course Materials

  • Handbooks:

  • Jupyter notebooks: Lectures and Assignments


  • Tests:
    • 1 written test after first part
    • continuous evaluation of the mini-projects
  • Exam:
    • oral defense after written and computer preparation


  • Monday: 3-4 / 5-6
  • Thursday: 3-4 / 5-6
  • Theory (16h) followed by exercises (14h): 16x3h + 14x2h = 76h
  • Mini-projects: guidance (9h) and hands-on (16hr): 9x3h + 18x2h = 63h